Sennheiser will soon be launching its new IE 600 in-ear headphones, and most interestingly they’re built from a metal called ZR01 amorphous zirconium. If that sounds premium and sturdy to you, that’s because it is – it’s the same metal that was also used for the drilling head of NASA’s Mars Rover.

As reported by What Hi-Fi?, the Sennheiser IE 600 will act as a sort of halfway house between the brand’s more affordable IE 300 and its super-premium IE 900 in-ear headphones. The new premium-build buds will launch on March 8, and at £599 (around $800 / AU$1,100) they certainly aren’t cheap, and probably not for most people who are looking for the best wireless earbuds.

But if the incredible audio performance of the IE 900 is anything to go by, the IE 600 in-ear headphones could well be worth a look for those looking at the higher end of the price scale. And with such high-quality materials being used in their construction, it’s hardly surprising that the IE 600s are so expensive.

Premium material, premium sound?

Sennheiser’s choice of such a premium material is clearly about more than just aesthetics, though. The IE 600 in-ear headphones should be extremely resistant to wear and tear, including marks, scratches and corrosion. The knock-on effect of this, then, is that the buds could look factory-new for years, which should help to keep that sound quality as pristine as possible.

Naturally, Sennheiser isn’t skimping on sound quality with the IE 600. The new in-ear headphones will feature acoustic back volume and precision-moulded resonator chambers, which should create a rich, fuller sound profile than you’d get with a more affordable pair of wired buds.

If you’re big into vocals, the Sennheiser IE 600 in-ear headphones might also be a pair tailor-made for you. Sennheiser claims its TrueResponse driver offers a “tonally neutral, intimate and emotional” performance which should result in clear, powerful vocals.

So we’re looking at a pair of wired earbuds that, while pricey, will hopefully sound as incredible as they look. We will of course be keeping our eyes (and ears) on the Sennheiser IE 600 to see if they’re anywhere near as fantastic as the IE 900, which we’ve ranked among the best in-ear headphones you can buy today.

Source: Tech Radar

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