The event was attended by the known personalities of the automobile industry like, Mr. Anas Haroon and Mr. Muhammad Akram, Former Chairman of PAAPAM.

The largest exhibition of automobiles in the country – The Pakistan Auto Show 2022 (PAPS 2022) is finally going to happen in Pakistan on 27th July, 2022 – 29th July, 2022 at the Expo Center Lahore, organized by the Pakistan Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM). It is the most electrifying initiative of the ‘Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM), representing over 300 large, medium & small industries from all over Pakistan. The theme of this year’s PAPS show is; “MAKE IN PAKISTAN.

The launching ceremony happened in Lahore and was attended by a large number of automobiles and parts manufacturers across the country. The government had announced many incentives for the auto sector a couple of months ago, followed by the Prime Minister’s Visit to China especially focussing on new investors for this growing market of 220 million. The major auto brands (OEMs), auto parts manufacturers, and ancillary industries’ leading figures packed the hall on its launching ceremony for its forthcoming 17th edition of PAPS 2022.

The event was attended by the known personalities of the automobile industry like, Mr. Anas Haroon and Mr. Muhammad Akram, Former Chairman of PAAPAM.

Mr. Syed Nabeel Hashmi, The Chief Organiser, said: “About 150 international and local producers of cars, tractors, buses, antiques, motorcycles, heavy bikes, rickshaws, parts manufacturers and toolmakers showed their interests to showcase a wide range of their products. He saw a major role which PAPS 2022 would play in the auto sector, service industries, and machinery producers.”

Talking to the charged participants Mr. Rehan Riaz, the Convener of PAPS 2022, said: “Agents of international Exhibitors from all over the world like Germany, China, the UK, Iran, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan, India, Malaysia were present on the occasion to secure the space for their principles. The Convener also informed about inducting a Virtual-Cum-Physical show for the foreign and national exhibitors, who wish to exhibit their products remotely in PAPS-2022.”

Mr. Abdul Rehman Aizaz, Senior Vice Chairman, said: “The previous event was visited by thousands of local and international visitors and buyers from Belgium, South Africa, China, Sudan, Nigeria, UAE, Sri Lanka, India, etc. They were anticipating an unprecedented footfall, much more than before, to this event at provincial metropolitan, he added.”

Mr. Abdur Razzaq Gauhar, Chairman PAAPAM thanked the major brands like Suzuki, Honda, Millat Group of Companies, MG, and Proton to show their keen interest in exhibiting their new arrivals. While stressing the significance of roadshows, he said they were the modern platform to bridge the business gaps across the globe. To him, exhibitions were the most effective tools of business promotions, investment, and connections. Pakistan being the 6th largest market, had a great space for the new players, and they were providing them the opportunities to enter into this potential market. Gauhar thanked the guests for an overwhelming response, which showed their confidence in this show.

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