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Sakhumnotho Power has partnered with Keren Energy Investments to undertake a Proof-of-Concept (POC) project to produce green hydrogen at a site supplied by Namaqua Engineering in Vredendal, Western Cape. 

The global hydrogen economy, meant to produce green hydrogen as future fuel source, while still nascent, is developing fast. As South Africa’s electricity crisis shines a spotlight on the urgent need for reliable, sustainable and renewable alternatives to the coal-generated power that the country relies so heavily on, green hydrogen usage points to a possible clean energy solution.

Investing in a portfolio of power sources

In South Africa, where the battle with power generation and electricity availability is ongoing, green hydrogen could present a cleaner, viable solution in the near future.

The POC project site has a 100kW PV solar system installed. This renewable energy will be used as the primary energy source in producing green hydrogen.

The hope is that the generated H2 will be used in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the future, thereby decreasing the use of the non-renewable carbon fossil fuels that dominate the energy industry.

The POC would be among the first in South Africa to demonstrate the feasibility of producing green hydrogen using solar energy as the energy source.

“We are cognisant that oil and gas are not going to be the only fuel sources in the future. We understand that we have to invest in a portfolio of power sources which will include oil and gas, renewable energy, as well as hydrogen in order to innovate and grow our investment portfolio into the future,” said Professor Sipho Mseleku, Chairman of Sakumnotho Group Holdings.

“Even though it is not yet commercially feasible, we see hydrogen as something that will become an important component of the clean energy mix in the near future,” said Mseleku.

Source: ESI Africa

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