news item recently surfaced in Pakistan’s mainstream media stating Pakistan had become ‘the 4th fastest growing freelance market across the World, leaving behind regional countries including India, Bangladesh and Russia’. Who could have challenged the stats, as they were backed by global payment platform Payoneer’s Global Gig Economy Index. The country’s diverse young talent excels at services that cover a variety of domains including but not limited to graphic design, content management, website and app development as well as social media.

Considering the surging digital services industry in Pakistan and its immense potential to further grow and flourish, Prime Minister Imran Khan recently announced a complete tax exemption for freelancers along with IT companies operating in the country. This step came as a huge boost to the sector.
However, besides these appreciable measures which are taken by the authorities in order to strengthen the freelance industry, a lot of initiatives of Pakistan’s corporate arena goes unnoticed which should be brought in the limelight to further the motivation of the upcoming young talent; and eventually help others corporations take inspiration from those.

Some of the leading corporations in Pakistan have been pushing the envelope through showing their dedication to giving resources for young people in the country, to improving their skills and professional competences through creative projects. Besides just an annual entrepreneurship competition of bringing the best business idea/prototype, the deserving talent can also be bestowed an opportunity from an unexpected avenue i.e. comments section of social media page of a leading business entity.

A recent case in point is when Easypaisa recently posted the new logo of its PSL Golden Ticket campaign on its social media handles. The post received a mix of elicited reviews, however, one of the most intriguing comments under the post was made by Syed Fahad Ali, an aspiring freelance designer. The concerned commenter was expressing concerns about the campaign’s creatives, particularly the logo. He offered to demonstrate a notion to the Easypaisa staff. The majority of us do not expect major businesses to reply to these remarks.

Easypaisa, on the other hand, contacted the individual and offered him the opportunity to work on a redesign, which, if approved, would be promoted on the company’s official social media pages, along with the designer’s portfolio. The platform publicized the tale as well as applauded the efforts of the young designer by tagging his profile in a post which was up on Easypaisa’s official social handles.Two of the most essential messages we take from this write-up are, the leading businesses in Pakistan are putting in every effort to promote Pakistan’s youth and talents.At the same time, it emphasizes that in today’s digital age, people may do everything they set their minds to provided they have the requisite ambition and knowledge.