Sony has today announced the Unveils New Games for March that will be coming to its PlayStation Now subscription service for the month of March 2022. Within the past week, PlayStation already unveiled that March’s lineup would be a bit more special than normal as Devolver Digital’s Shadow Warrior 3 would be coming to the service on the same day of its release. And while this announcement was a pretty big deal in its own right, PlayStation has now unveiled the titles that will be joining Shadow Warrior 3 on PS Now starting tomorrow.

 PlayStation Now subscription service for the month of March 2022.

In total, four new games will be coming to PlayStation Now within the month of March. Those titles in question include Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta, and Chicken Police – Paint It Red! Each game will become available to download and play for PS Now subscribers starting tomorrow, March 1st. Additionally, all of these games in question outside of Shadow Warrior 3 are said to be staying on the service in perpetuity moving forward. Shadow Warrior 3, instead, will be departing from PS Now later this summer on July 4.

As a whole, this month’s slate for PlayStation Now doesn’t bring a ton of surprises with it, but the day-one addition of Shadow Warrior 3 might indicate that the service could soon be changing to become more like Xbox Game Pass. Over the past year, Game Pass has added a number of third-party titles to its subscription platform on the first day of launch, which has been a huge boost to the service. In the eyes of many fans, this has separated Xbox Game Pass from PlayStation Now considerably. However, for PlayStation to now be adding Shadow Warrior 3 to PS Now on its first day of release might indicate that this could become a greater trend in the future. Only time will tell if things actually play out in this way, but it’s a good thing to see all the same.


By Zaman