all-natural foaming hand sanitizer

Manufactured and produced in Nigeria and recognized as the world’s first all-natural foaming hand sanitizer, Palmtree® hygiene foaming hand was created by Environmental Science Hygiene (ESH) Ltd, Nigeria.

It is safe to say that a key learning from Covid-19 is the importance of consistently protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the virus. Also important is the equal necessity to protect our environment as we protect our bodies because we are, our environment. For protection, there isn’t much that’s not available in our market from tastefully designed masks to beautifully fragrant hand sanitizers.

Amongst the many available alternatives in the market, there exist only a few eco-friendly hand sanitizers, locally produced, and made with all-natural ingredients. One of such is PalmTree® Hygiene foaming hand sanitizer. The uniqueness of the PalmTree® Hygiene hand sanitizer comes from the alcohol extraction process which is sourced from nature and distilled from the sap of Palm tree, commonly known as Palm wine.
For those wondering, “No, you can’t eat the product,” and “Yes, the extraction process is done without damage to the tree and with no harmful impact on the environment.”

Also, as a result of its all-natural composition, the product causes no irritations, itches, or cracks to the skin. Its coconut properties do not only moisturize the skin but soothe the nasal pathways and aid respiration.

Manufactured and produced in Nigeria and recognized as the world’s first all-natural foaming hand sanitizer, Palmtree® hygiene foaming hand was created by Environmental Science Hygiene (ESH) Ltd, Nigeria, a subsidiary of Environmental Science Hygiene, United Kingdom, and is the first of its kind all-natural foaming hand sanitizer produced, manufactured, and locally distributed in Nigeria.

PalmTree® Hygiene foaming hand sanitizer meets the European standard for disinfectants and is certified in the United Kingdom under EN1276 and NAFDAC in Nigeria The premium hand sanitizer was launched recently at Ikeja together with the commissioning of a state-of-the-art factory to support small and medium businesses in the country, allowing them access to manufacture products of their own

Present at the launch was Mrs. Sola Adebowale, Managing Director, ESH LTD Nigeria, who said; “We are extremely honored to announce such a unique product, Palm tree® Hygiene foaming sanitizer., we saw the need for an all-natural premium sanitizer during the pandemic, that is effective in protecting humans while also being environmentally sustainable. A product that will be instrumental in assisting health care institutions in preventing the spread of infectious viruses.

We believe that this product will cater to individuals but more so institutions that crave sanitizing products that cater to the healthcare needs of families, employees, or patients. It is also exciting to do this while we create opportunities for SMEs to scale their business.

Also present at the launch event was Solape Hammond Special Adviser, Development Goals and Investment, Lagos State Government, who expressed the impressiveness of the product and the launch saying, “It’s exciting to see another feminine lead business in Nigeria that is passionate has proliferating and promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly products. With the launch of the product and the commissioning of the factory this new factory and product will bring in new jobs and diversify our economic source of GDP whilst increasing the economic viability of our country.”
ESH Ltd Nigeria’s natural progression will be in the development and manufacturing of hygiene products and will include hand sanitizers, sprays, medicated soaps, surface/floor wipes, and disinfectants.

Source: Business Day

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