zechnology is both a boon and a curse, but what will be for someone depends on how they are using technology. For instance, technology can be used both for increasing productivity as well as for getting distracted. It is, therefore, to ensure that technology, especially the one that is easily accessible like the smartphone and laptops or computers, should be used carefully to make technology a blessing instead of a curse.

TSmartphones and laptops are addictive in nature and this results in too much screen time. A huge amount of screen time is not only distracting but is also dangerous for the eyes and overall well-being. Therefore, it is important to make the conscious decision of reducing screen time. Here are seven ways to reduce your screen time. 

1. Set time limits

The first and foremost thing that one should do is to analyze screen time. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to screen time. All smartphones provide an easy way to track screen time and not only this, it further provides a detailed analysis of where you are spending your screen time. Of course, screen time cannot be reduced if you are using it for working, however, you should consider the amount of screen time that goes for recreational purposes. How much time are you spending on uploading WhatsApp Status or scrolling Instagram? If you think you are using it for recreational purposes, more than the required time, set time limits for the distracting time. 

2. Keep your smartphone away from your bed

According to a study conducted in 2017, young adults tend to spend around 30 minutes on social media platforms before sleeping which is a leading cause of disturbed sleep. In addition to that, many people use smartphones as an alarm clock and one end up mindlessly engaging in content as soon as one wakes up. To prevent this, keep your smartphone away from the bed. It can also serve as an effective means to wake up as you will have to walk away from the bed to stop the alarm ringing and this will help one to start the morning in the right Attitude Status and have a productive day ahead.

3. Remove unnecessary apps from smartphone 

Often we end up installing apps that we won’t be using in our smartphones. Remove the unnecessary apps from the smartphone. For instance, consider using Netflix only on your laptop or computer and remove it from your smartphone for mindlessly engaging in content during work hours. 

4. Dedicate hours for screen time 

It is a good idea to dedicate specific time for screen time which will prevent you from using smartphones in the middle of a job. For instance, you can consider using your social media during the evening for 30 minutes for refreshing your mind and avoid using it for five minutes that get dragged to an hour or so while taking a break. 

5. Read something that is not on a screen

With books available in digital format, it gets easier to read on a smartphone, tablet or computer. However, even while reading books, one single notification on the screen can pull you out of the reading scenario. Consider investing in physical books to read if you are a reader. 

6. Avoid using screen while having meals 

The current scenario is such that many people prefer to watch something while having a screen. The result of it is mindless eating and consumption of too much content, sometimes, such content is not even productive. If you have a family, consider keeping the mealtime as family time to engage with the family members. You can also make a rule to no devices while having meals. 

7. Turn on grayscale 

The colorful screen of the smartphone is unknowingly pulling you towards it because it is attractive. The neuron-stimulating colors play a major role in pulling the user towards the smartphone. However, you can cut it down by turning on the grayscale. Turning on the grayscale will immediately remove the addictive elements of color that work on a smartphone. The end result is that you will be using your smartphone less. The option to turn on the grayscale is available both on Android and iOS devices. 


In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can also engage in some hobby that is off-screen. The off-screen hobbies will help you to stay entertained and refreshed without engaging in any electronic device. Also, consider turning off unnecessary notifications on your devices.