The Internet has generated deeply in Pakistan and with every passing year, the number of active Internet users is increasing in the country. In the interval of only one year between 2020 and 2021, the number of active internet users increased in the country by more than 11 million. 

The consistent rise in the number of active internet users is fascinating and this number isn’t going down any time soon. With a population of over 220 million, Pakistan is a huge market and since e-commerce is currently the most popular and renowned industry all over the world, this makes Pakistan a great starting ground and a place to invest your money. 

Pakistan is also the 5th most populous country in the world and more than half of the country is youth. All of these things show that Pakistan is a great place to start your ecommerce journey. If you are still unsure whether to invest in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan or not then here are several reasons that will change your mind: 

1. Growth Of Technology

Pakistan is picking up pace and technology is growing in Pakistan. This isn’t surprising because more than half of the population of the country is young people and people who are looking to make an investment. Pakistan is a great place to start any online business or enterprise.

There are several reasons behind that; the market for products will always be available because more than half of the country is youth and in addition to this, the Government of Pakistan is also trying its best to create an environment where online transactions can happen without any problem. One of the main and important requirements of online businesses is an online transaction and since the government is trying, e-commerce business will flourish in the country in the upcoming future.

2. Internet & Smartphone Availability 

The usage of the 4G broadband network has become a common thing in Pakistan and the country is set to launch the 5G network soon, in upcoming years. This will result in a faster, stronger, and more stable internet connection that will help both the online vendors and users. In addition to that, the broad availability of smartphones and the low cost of the internet is also helping in promoting e-commerce business. 

3. Embracement Of Digital Cash

In the past decade or so, online transactions and digital cash have gained tremendous popularity all over the world. Different countries are now starting to follow the trend because it is something that cannot be ignored and Pakistan is one of those countries that is rapidly adapting to digital cash and online transactions. 

Many online payment gateways have emerged as a result of this and as time will pass by, these gateways will continue to become popular among the people. With time, people’s trust in digital cash and online transactions would increase and it would be huge growth for the e-commerce industry since it would allow instant transfer of funds online, in no time.

4. Cheap In-House Labor

The cost of producing goods and materials is also cheaper in Pakistan as compared to other countries since the labor here is relatively cheaper than in the developed countries of the world. You can easily start an online e-commerce store in Pakistan with the in-home production of your products.

Whether you are selling playing cards for games like Solitaire, Bazaar, Spider Solitaire, Backgammon, Klondike Solitaire or any other product like sports equipment or clothing goods, you can get them for a relatively cheap price by in-house labor. This will reduce the production costs and maximize your profits, making it another reason to invest in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan.

5. Favorable Environment For Entrepreneurs

The environment of Pakistan is also advantageous for entrepreneurs and the overall culture of the country is great. It is one of the major reasons why you invest in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan itself is encouraging entrepreneurship and the government is always looking for different ways by which it can create such an environment to attract foreign investors. 

Since Pakistan is a growing country, the government is always looking for both domestic and foreign investors who are looking to invest in the country and what other industry to invest in than e-commerce since it is an emerging industry in the country.