The Gaming Display industry may have taken the first step into the future with BOE’s showcase of the World’s first 500Hz+ refresh rate Gaming Monitor, find out everything about it here. The world is still adjusting to 240Hz and 360Hz monitors and the news of the 500Hz one is definitely a significant update for competitive gamers.

BOE is the acronym for Beijing Oriental Electronics. A lot of people in the western world do not know about it but it is one of the world’s larger manufacturers of LCD, OLED, and flexible display panels.

It is the same company that was once unsuccessful in supplying OLED screens for the iPhone 12 lineup. Later, they managed to enter the supply chain for the flagship iPhone 13 series. BOE is also reportedly supplying Apple with OLED LTPO displays for the higher-end models of the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

The news of the BOE’s 500Hz Gaming Monitor has been trending on the web, and gamers are eager to find every key detail about it.

BOE 500Hz+ Refresh Rate Gaming Monitor Specs Revealed

On February 1, Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) revealed the prototype of a 27-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor with a 500Hz+ refresh rate, reported Chinese news website Sina and Gizmochina.

The company said, “it made breakthroughs in the oxide semiconductor display technology to achieve this record-making refresh rate.” However, it doesn’t seem that the company is planning to launch the monitor soon. It is currently under development and testing.

BOE’s super-fast Full HD Gaming Monitor comes with a 27-inch FHD panel with 8-bit color depth, supports 8Lane eDP output, a response time of 1ms, and a 500Hz+ refresh rate. The panel of the prototype sports a high mobility oxide backplane to enable such a high frame rate, easily beating any of the available models in the market today.

The oxide display technology means that the monitor uses a custom TFT screen. However, they haven’t revealed the full display technology yet.

What is the Release Date for the World’s First 500Hz+ Gaming Monitor?

BOE has mentioned in the report that it is “only” a prototype designed for demonstration purposes only. They haven’t revealed any details about when they’ll be making the 500Hz Gaming Monitor for the mass market.

We believe that the 500Hz+ Gaming Monitor isn’t going to be available in the global markets anytime soon. The reason is that the monitor will require a pretty high-end CPU and GPU to achieve the said refresh rate.

However, gamers today are still struggling to even receive stable 360Hz due to a lack of GPU power. So, we’ll have to wait for certain advancements in technology until BOE makes an official announcement to launch the 500Hz Gaming Display.

What will be the Price of the BOE 500Hz+ Refresh Rate Gaming Monitor?

It’ll be a bit too early to guess the price of the BOE 500Hz+ refresh rate Gaming Monitor but one thing we know is that it is going to be costly. The premium range of 360Hz gaming monitors costs from $599 to $699.

If we calculate from this, the price of BOE’s world’s first 500Hz+ Gaming Monitor could go as high as $999 to $1,200. For this price, it’ll be hard to get for a casual gamer, and initially, only competitive gamers will plan to buy it.

The 500Hz refresh rate would be overkill for most games that are available today. This monitor could give gamers an extreme edge to gain victory. However, it’ll require continuing CPU and GPU innovations to achieve such a high stable refresh rate.

We cannot predict the timeline of when it is going to become mainstream. But, with recent advancements in technology, we believe that soon it is going to hit many competitive games.

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