Twitter is extending a new feature which allows users to flag misleading content to more countries after a trial last year.

The social media giant launched the feature in August, 2021 as it tried to reduce misinformation on the micro-blogging platform.

“Today we’re expanding this test feature to folks tweeting from Brazil, Spain, or the Philippines,” the company said.

“Until now we’ve received around 3 million reports from you all, calling out tweets that violate our policies and helping us understand new misinformation trends.”

The platform originally allowed some people in the US, South Korea and Australia to flag a tweet as “It’s misleading” after clicking ‘Report Tweet’.

“We’re assessing if this is an effective approach so we’re starting small,” Twitter said at the time.

“We may not take action on, and cannot respond to each report in the experiment, but your input will help us identify trends so that we can improve the speed and scale of our broader misinformation work.”

The company has been criticised for allowing the spread of misinformation in the past, but has since banned high-profile figures for misleading content on the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol in the US and for falsehoods about COVID-19.

Source: Newshub

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