Dubai is also known as the city of gold. But it is an equally good option to buy diamond jewelry. These unique pieces of jewelry represent the traditional and cultural heritage of Dubai. There are many options for you to choose from regarding the type, color, and designs of diamond tennis bracelets.

Why are diamond tennis bracelets expensive?

Generally, a diamond tennis bracelet starts from $2500 in general. Due to the high cost of natural diamonds, it is natural that they are expensive. Diamond tennis bracelets with brilliant round stones will be more costly than non-round or cut diamonds.

The prices of diamond tennis bracelets also vary based on their design and type. The starting price for a gold-plated sterling silver diamond tennis bracelet is $250, and the most expensive diamond tennis bracelet cost more than $5000.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet from Dubai: Affordable Option: 

You don’t need to fly to Dubai to buy a piece of jewelry. You can easily find a good-quality diamond tennis bracelet online at an affordable price. The online stores in Dubai offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can select the design, metal, and color of your choice.

How to buy a diamond tennis bracelet from Dubai?

To buy a diamond tennis bracelet from Dubai, you need to select the design and color of your choice. You can browse through various online options or visit the retail stores located in different locations.


You don’t need an appointment before visiting their showrooms because they are always open for visitors. If you see something interesting on display, you can ask the salesperson to show you the diamond tennis bracelet in detail.


Once you have chosen the diamond tennis bracelet, you need to provide your name, address, and contact number. The jewelry delivery will be done within a few days after placing the order.

If you are not sure about the diamond tennis bracelet’s quality, request a free inspection. It will be done by skilled professionals who will give their unbiased opinion. It’s worth noting that a diamond tennis bracelet has multiple diamonds, and getting certification for all of them can add to the cost. However, buying a bracelet with certified diamonds will give you that peace of mind.  

Any online store dealing in jewelry ensures complete confidentiality of its customers’ information and keeps it secured in its database.


Before you buy a diamond tennis bracelet from Dubai, here are some crucial facts that you should know about it:


  1. a) Make sure that you have gone through the return and refund policy
  2. b) If you are buying the diamond tennis bracelet as a gift, know the size of the recipient
  3. c) Compare prices and check out offers available on different websites to save money
  4. d) Make sure that you have chosen the metal and color of your choice.
  5. e) Always buy tennis bracelets with certified diamonds unless you are 100% sure about the integrity and credibility of the person you are buying from.

The metal of the diamond tennis bracelet:

In general, men prefer wearing gold or platinum bracelets rather than silver. These metals are durable, making them a perfect choice for any sports activity. However, if you desire to buy a white gold diamond tennis bracelet, it will cost more than one with yellow gold.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet – The Right Choice For Men?:

A diamond tennis bracelet is perfect for men because the gems are large compared to other bracelets. It can be worn at casual parties or on any formal occasion. Since it comes in different designs, it can match all outfits.

If you want a classy new year gift for men, don’t look elsewhere because a tennis bracelet is a great option.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet – A Good Investment Choice?: 

As per the present market trends, you can quickly get a return on your investment in your diamond tennis bracelet. If you purchase a low-quality diamond tennis bracelet, it will lose its shine and color after some time. You can quickly get rid of such bracelets and buy a new one by selling the old one.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a diamond tennis bracelet. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can make an informed decision and buy the perfect diamond tennis bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Thanks for reading!