Being a graphic designer just has so many perks that you can’t overlook. What’s better than making money out of your creativity? It’s a job that is exciting and allows you to express your ideas with your skills. Unquestionably a type of job that is a dream for many people.

You always have the option of self-employment and the liberty of choosing between clients. It’s like having a superpower that others adore. Not to forget here, your pc is what enables you to do all this. Not having the right equipment and having a slow or outdated pc can turn your work into a nightmare and the very opposite of how it’s supposed to be. Having a sound system and the perfect gear for graphic designing can make your work ten times easier and better. To start with,  we’ve made a list of things you must get to enhance your graphic designing fun:


A High-Resolution Monitor:

A good display shows you the quality of your work. As a graphic designer, you’ll have to check the tiniest details of your work without any pixelation. For this purpose, you’ll need the highest resolution possible. You’ll need a monitor with a full HD display and the correct specifications, such as a suitable viewing angle and contrast ratio. If you’re looking for a good monitor,  Samsung monitor 24lft350 is a monitor that will suit your requirements. This high resolution LED monitor comes with a 3-sided borderless design which maximizes the viewing angle and a high response time of 5(GTG). With high-quality IPS panels, the Samsung monitor 24lft350 provides you with an image as clear as you can ever imagine, allowing you to inspect the tiniest of details in your work. The best part is still to come yet. It comes with optimal eye protection, allowing you to work comfortably for hours without any eye strain.


A Smooth Stylus/Graphics Tablet:

A mouse will never allow you to work with a smooth and pressure-sensitive flow when illustrating and graphic designing. To take it up a notch, you’d need a Graphics tablet. It’ll make your work a lot easier and ten times more fun. Once you start using a graphics tablet, using a mouse will feel like illustrating with a bar of soap. However, you shouldn’t just choose any tablet and go for a responsive and ergonomic stylus like Wacom One CTL-472. This piece of perfection by Wacom allows you to draw, sketch or edit photos with a natural feel. It almost feels like using a pen on paper, just much smoother.  It comes with a light weighed battery-less pen that provides you with the perfect balance to work as long as you will.


A Good SSD:

An SSD allows your computer to perform quick operations and open files ten times faster than a conventional hard drive. It’s wiser to get an SSD for your system because graphic designing operations require greater operating memory, and a slow pc is just not compatible for this purpose. A high-tech SSD like Hikvision 128GB SSD e100 provides your system with the potential for higher capacity, excellent performance, and greater stability. This SSD comes with a total capacity of 128 Gb and reading and writing speeds of 550 and 430 MB/s. Its vibration-resistant structure is better for data safety, making it an excellent choice for graphic designers.


A Portable Hard drive:

Graphic designing projects need a lot of space, and there is a chance you might run out of memory. To avoid any inconvenience, getting a Portable external hard drive is the right thing to do. It’s wiser to think ahead and have some back-up with you. It’ll make your work easier by providing you with all the extra memory you need to store your files safely. When looking for one, you should go for an option like Seagate expansion 1TB external hard drive. This USB-powered hard drive allows drag and drop file saving and indeed is the best option you’ve got if you need instant extra memory.



These products are all you need if you’re a graphic. You’ll become unstoppable once you get these. To purchase any of the above products, visit Global Computers.