A Quick Guide About Why Apps Fail and the Development of Financially Successful Mobile Apps

Why apps fail? According to research by Gartner, only 0.01 % of apps can be termed a financial success for the interior of 2018.

A Quick Guide About Why Apps Fail and the Development of Financially Successful Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer so much diversity to any business as they are now much in demand. Businesses try every trick in the book to get that perfect app. Even after using the latest versions of Android and iOS, there is no guarantee for you that you will get customers for your business. 

According to the latest estimates, the mobile app market, mainly related to its development and marketing, is expected to hit 6.3 trillion dollars by the end of this year. This is a huge sum even if we consider the whole e-commerce market. And this offers great scope for the developers and marketers. But what is in it for the businesses? Why apps fail?

Small businesses and startups need a platform through which they can reach their customers easily. Websites and social media are good factors, but the ROI can be a bit tricky. When we talk about app development, it is also not very cheap, and a comprehensive app can run into 50,000 dollars or even more. So, how and why search businesses should take on mobile apps, as most of them don’t have much capital at the start? And even though many businesses get an app, the success rate is shockingly low. 

Define the aspects mentioned above in detail as to exactly why apps fail or don’t work and what can be done in this concern.

Why Apps Fail?

According to research by Gartner, only 0.01 % of apps can be termed a financial success for the interior of 2018. Just imagine, out of millions of apps, just a few hundred apps were considered a financial success. Furthermore, an average investment of around 270,000 dollars to design and build and market any app is the requirement. This stat clearly shows that coming up with a standard app is a tough task, especially for small businesses that face a financial crunch. 

So, again the question is, why do apps fail, as no one wants to make a below-average or mediocre app for their product or service. Read on as I explain it in simple words. 

Is It Very Difficult to Develop a Good-Enough App?

App development should be taken care of very seriously, as can you guess how hard it is to make a financially successful app. But I don’t think that it is impossible because all the apps which don’t get the nod from the target audience are mostly developed in haste and don’t take care of the basic requirements. That is why 9 out of 10 apps are rejected and if you also go through it, you will know that they do not stand a chance. 

In this rapidly changing scenario related to technology, only the best cancer wife. And that is why a mediocre app doesn’t stand a chance. If your business is best in a big city like Dubai or Doha, you need to work extra hard as the cutthroat marketplace requires an extra amount of dedication for your cause.  Mobile apps must be laced with all the latest technology and tools so that to become part of the 99.99 percent of the successful apps. 

A Sound and Robust Start is Most Important 

A robust strategy is one of the requirements so that the product can be as successful as you know exactly what it needs to deliver. Creativity is the key here because if your mobile app won’t have the novelty factors in it, then how will it be different from all the other apps? Also, you have to think about what your product or service is and how the app will make the work of your customer easy. 

Just offering a little information about the product is not the purpose of an app. It is much more than that so keep this in mind while going for app development. That is why a well-designed and researched app can work wonders for any business rather than just an app that looks cool but is not going to aid the end-user. 

Again, the strategy must be at the heart of every level of your app development, as only as you can anticipate that your app is going to be successful. A financially successful app that can get there within a few years can be cumbersome to develop, but it is not impossible. You may think that how come a small company can develop an app that can cost millions of dollars, but with sheer determination and zeal, you can reach the sky. With assistance from a seasoned app developer, Dubai can be of great help to you.

Targeting a Niche Audience

This can be termed as the most important factor in the failure of apps. When you are targeting a niche market, the website and app related to it must be in line with it. But not many people know how to go about this, as the requirements of that target market are entirely different from everyone. For example, if you are trying to get your hand on something even remotely similar to Metaverse, the field is still in its infancy. And that is why not many people will be inclined towards using your app.

Facebook is spending over 10 billion dollars in the next few years on Metaverse, so there must be something about it. That is why all the big tech giants are also making efforts in this regard. In the next one or two years, this will be all over the world, and only those companies will be able to reap benefits which will start thinking about it right now. 

Don’t think that if you are a small player in the market how you can get into Metaverse. Always think big Even the biggest companies in the world like Amazon and Google have started from a single room. With sheer determination, you will be surprised at the pace at which you will achieve all the success. The financial success even in this category is not known for sure, but one thing is certain. This is the future and you will be better off working on it rather than anything else.  

Over to you 

The example of Metaverse that I have mentioned is truly going to change the world in the next few years. And if you are also looking to make a mark for your company, this is an opportunity for you. But you can always start from something less complex and then try your hand on this latest field. 

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