World Science Day Celebrated At COMSTECH

COMSTECH Celebrated “World Science Day”, Chairman, Prime Minister Task Force For Science & Technology Graced Occasion As Chief Guest.

COMSTECH celebrated “World Science Day”, Chairman, Prime Minister Task Force for Science and Technology graced the occasion as chief guest. He said that it is alarming that we are unable to see the light at the end of tunnel in case of implementing guidelines addressing climate change. He said at the moment we are not succeeding. The past actions of nations show the clear intent that how much they are serious towards climate change mitigation.  Prof. Rahman talked about number of technologies available to use to address climate change effects. He suggested that to use new technologies, OIC states need to invest in S&T, innovation and entrepreneurship. He stressed the need of awareness of issues at hand and the technologies available to deal with them.

Mr. Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, climate advisor, planning commission of Pakistan, informed that the temperature increase by 1.5 degrees is considered bad but by 2 degrees it would be disastrous. He said we are way behind Paris agreement. Mr. Sheikh said that it is good to share that the global discourse on climate change is now driven by science. Mr. Sheikh also mentioned that OIC states will be affected by climate change events as well. He suggested to prepare in advance and plan to mitigate climate change challenges.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah, Vice-Chancellor, QAU said that we in collaboration with COMSTECH working on developing consortium of universities to share knowledge and expertise and climate change could be a part of it. Dr. Shah suggested that information technology and sustainable development must be included in curriculum of all fields of studies so that we can equip young generation with high impact modern knowledge to compete in the world. Director General IOFS, Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet, shared the vision, mission and activities of IOFS. He said climate change have deep impact on all spheres of life and we have to collectively prepare for it.

Coordinator General COMSTECH, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of science and science communication to the masses for active engagement with new technologies and innovations available. He stressed the need of science and technology linkages with the society for development. Prof. Choudhary said that S&T has played key role in global transformation and help the humanity to act beyond the limitations. The event was graced with the presence of Ambassadors of OIC states, Vice Chancellors of several universities and large number of students and researchers.