COMSTECH Holds Webinar On Use Of Nanomaterials In Medicine

First Lecture Of This Series Given By Dr. Abdolreza Simchi Of Sharif University, Iran, Online On Application Of Nanomaterials In Medicine

COMSTECH has started a lecture series program on “Emerging Technologies”. This program is an effort to help upcoming scientists in identifying key areas of scientific research which are contributing immensely in the well-being of the humankind.

The first lecture of this series was given by Dr. Abdolreza Simchi of Sharif University of Technology, Iran, online on the application of nanomaterials in medicine. Dr. Simchi said that there are many applications of nanomaterials along with the application in the field of medicine. Dr. Simchi talked about the basics of nanomaterials and their use. He said that today nanomaterials are used for drug delivery, therapy, bio-imaging, regenerative medicine, bio-sensing and bioinformatics. He elaborated each topic in detail and mentioned experiments conducted by his team.

Dr. Simchi concluded his talk by saying that there is a plenty of room for development of nanomaterials for biomedical applications. Dr. Abdolreza Simchi is a distinguished Professor of Engineering Science and Materials Engineering and a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Bonn, Germany. He is among the top 1% highly-cited materials scientists on Web of Science, and ranked among the top 150 scientists worldwide in “Emerging and Strategic Technologies Materials” identified by Sandford University in 2021.