Overpopulation, Unavailability Of Clean Water And Poor Services Delivery Are Main Causes Of Growing Eye Diseases In The Country

Overpopulation, unavailability of clean water and poor services delivery are main causes of growing eye diseases in the country, a specialist doctor has said. The former head of the Pathology Department at Nishtar Medical College, Dr Tehsin Sahi, said on Monday that though treatment facilities for eye problems had improved with the passage of time, growing diseases of eyes had not been overcome. He said that overpopulation is like a ticking time bomb that had not only engulfed resources of the country but also caused several other problems being faced by Pakistan. Dr Sahi advised people to eat a healthy diet for staying away from ailments.

Answering a question, the senior eye specialist said that the development of cataracts varies from person to person, adding that some people developed the problem in their 40s and others after 50s, whereas the decision of its surgery depended on doctor’s recommendation. He said the people should consult an eye specialist for regular check-up and in case of any problem of eyes. Common conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration can impact eyes, he concluded.

This news was originally published at Tribune