PARC Introduces Bud-Chip Technology For Sugarcane Planting

PARC Has Introduced Bud-Chip Technology For Sugarcane Planting In Order To Enhance Per-Acre Crop Output Of Major Cash Crop

Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) has introduced bud-chip technology for sugarcane planting in order to enhance per-acre crop output of major cash crop, besides enhancing the farm income of the growers and reducing the cost of input. The innovative technology was developed by National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute of PARC, which was step to introduce modern trend in agriculture sector, said a Director General South Agriculture Research Center of PARC Dr Attaullah Khan. He said that in order to highlight the salient features of the method, a mega farmers gathering was also organized,which was attended by a large number of local farmers, field extension workers and other stakeholders involved in sugarcane production and value addition.

He said that bud chip method was a modern trend in agriculture sector and was need of time, adding that the agriculture in other parts of the world has moved towards latest mechanized cultivation methods but we were still adhered to primitive methods. The bud chip method of sugarcane cultivation would get popularity among the sugarcane growers in future because of its high scope for boosting sugarcane yield. He also lauded the efforts of the scientists and said that innovation would make sugarcane planting very convenient and time saving for the growers through introduction of sugarcane seedling transplanter.

Speaking on the occasion progressive grower of Sindh Aaqib Khan Jatoi said that modern and mechanized techniques of sugarcane cultivation were being used all over the world but country was far behind in this regard and still going after the conventional methods. He said that the conventional methods in agriculture sector was not fully support the agrarian economy of the farming community in the country, adding that sugarcane seedling transplanter introduced by PARC was a greatbreakthrough in agriculture technology. He also advised the growers to adopt innovative technology in order to promote climate smart agriculture for conserving natural resources including water and soil.

This news was originally published at APP