Organic Farming is the best farming method. It has done by the organic mattress those materials which are available in the farmer’s home.

Organic is the best farming practice, which is the oldest farm practice comes in the Agriculture field. Additionally, in the villages of Pakistan, people used Farm Yard Manure in the farm which is very best for Agriculture purposes and promotes the farming system.


Organic farming is very important in Pakistan which is the best farming system. It is very cheapest farming as compared to inorganic farming. Organic farming is a good practice of sustainable Agriculture method in Pakistan. It is important for soil fertility and not damage to the soil texture. Moreover, this is very useful for farmers because it does not need much cost by doing the practice, easily survive farmers. It helps make the crop more nutritive and healthy, increases the yield of the crop,


The organic agriculture functional practice in Pakistan, which mostly increases soil life structure. It does not need further capital as compared to inorganic farming as well as apply organic matters in the farm .FYM useful its compost form which increases more fertility. The organic matter remains in the Agriculture land for a long time. It provides a good yield to the farmers. in light of this fact, organic matter is very useful as compared to other forms, which makes to boosts plant growth.


On the other hand, organic farming issues that available at a low level in Pakistan. Its preparation methods are difficult as compare to the inorganic farming system. Need much labor and working hard and not the availability of organic matters at the high values. Similarly, The FYM founds low level in many areas of Pakistan. It is an issue in organic farming that scarcity of water in the barren lands where found organic matters.


Organic farming provides good yield use of the plant residues and much tillage practices in the farm before irrigation. This farming system uses in the village. People do not need to purchase inorganic mattes. Bring the use of FYM in the farm, soil is conserved for a long time. Further, Moisture contents also remain in the soil, the organic farming is much successful in Pakistan.

Authors: Lal Bakhsh and Muhammad Raffique