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Digital Media Platform Breaks Traditional Biases In Which Main Stream Media Was Operated By Zeeshan Aziz, Young Digital Media Journalist & Youtube Expert.

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Digital Media and YouTube are the biggest revolutionary platforms that are making massive participation in making lives of people. Digital media took journalism to the next level with technology and have more reach to the audience.

Zeeshan Aziz, a young digital media journalist and Group Manager of the largest digital media platform, UrduPoint. He is doing digital media journalism from past five years with having experience of hardcore journalism as well.

He is also managing the YouTube channel of UrduPoint which have more than 5 M audiences. He is the expert of content writing, audience growth, and revenue of digital platforms.

After digital media revolution we have seen huge changes in journalism. Without any delay We have different kind of stuff on our screen. Multiple sources which ease us to reach maximum and authentic information. If we compare it with past, we all had to wait for the print edition of newspaper or to turn on the screens of television sets. After the arrival of digital media we dive into poll of information anytime anywhere without any hassle.

Now a days, Digital media platforms are considered as a source of knowledge from where anyone can get  to learn about issues which is not being highlighted in the mainstream media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are considered as quick and reliable source of information nowadays.

While highlighting the same issues Zeeshan shares why he decided to choose this career so he could “contribute towards breaking the traditional biases in which the main stream media was operated”.

Making the general public the utmost priority, Aziz wanted to give factual information to the masses in no time and make them aware of all the happenings around them. In his opinion “empowering the people with the right information is the first step to fix the problems of our society and initiating change that we are desperate to see in it”.

Aziz is also making videos to empower youth regarding digital journalism and how to earn from digital media platforms. You can follow Zeeshan Aziz on his Twitter @imziishan.