PBS NOVA Science Series "Universe Revealed" To Reveal Origin Of Cosmos

NOVA’s “Universe Revealed” Starts With An Episode About Sun And Other Stars. Following Episodes Focus On Our Milky Way Galaxy

PBS viewers have a chance to go on a brilliant journey through the universe as the network launches a new, five-part NOVA series titled “Universe Revealed.”  Premiering Oct. 27 at at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT Oct. 28), PBS NOVA’s new science series, created in collaboration with BBC Studios Science Unit, will air five hour-long episodes exploring the universe from its first moments 13.8 billion years ago to theories about its eventual end trillions of years into the future.

New episodes will air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8CT. The series tells this epic, cosmic story using CGI imagery, archival footage taken during scientific missions to space and the latest research.  NOVA’s “Universe Revealed” starts with an episode about our sun and other stars. The following episodes focus on our Milky Way galaxy, the “Goldilocks zone” around planets and the search for extraterrestrial life, black holes and the Big Bang. Viewers will see photorealistic animations of the birth of a star, the aftermath of two colliding galaxies, a star flung across space by a supermassive black hole and so much more.

“Huge new advances in the scientific understanding of our universe have allowed us to take you to places we didn’t even know existed ten years ago,” BBC Executive Producer Gideon Bradshaw said in a statement about the show. “With breakthrough [visual effects] we can come face-to-face with the universe’s most surprising characters and understand how their fates are intertwined with our own.”  NOVA executive producer Chris Schmidt added in the statement that the series “aims to answer some of the many questions around the ideas of time and space that we curious beings have long pondered.”

“Universe Revealed” acts as a sequel to NOVA’s 2019 series, “The Planets,” a five-episode series about the planets in our solar system. Episodes of NOVA’s “Universe Revealed” will air from October 27 to November 24. Accompanying the series will be five episodes of a new podcast “NOVA Now Universe Revealed,” which will build on the existing NOVA Now podcast hosted by Dr. Alok Patel.  This Fall, you can also look out for future events tied to” Universe Revealed” and hosted by your local PBS station. NOVA will supply PBS stations with resources to create their own events and activities. The network also plans to create learning materials tied to the series for use in classrooms and virtual field trips.

This news was originally published at Space