Ongoing Tussle Between Mobile Wallet Startups SadaPay & TAG

Even More Serious Is That, According To Sources Close To Matter, SadaPay Is Only A Few Days Away From Closing Another Round Of Funding

SadaPay and TAG, the two leading lights of Pakistan’s fintech startup revolution, are at war. The ongoing tussle between the rival mobile wallet startups has seen the two young and hungry founders, Brandon Timinsky of SadaPay and Talal Gondal of TAG, engage in a mudslinging match that has left no one unsullied. Now, the rivalry is reaching a new crescendo as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has come knocking on the door of SadaPay, much to the delight of TAG.

What makes the matter even more serious is that, according to sources close to the matter, SadaPay is only a few days away from closing another round of funding. While SadaPay has denied that they are about to announce a new round, industry rumours are adamant that the announcement is due any week now and NAB entering the picture has caused SadaPay to go into crisis mode. Embroiled in the middle of the case, either by chance or very much by design, are a former finance secretary that recently resigned as special assistant to the prime minister, and a Porsche dealership under investigation for swindling its high-end clients. So what in the world is going on? There are two documents at the center of the entire matter, both of which have been made available to Profit.

This news was originally published at Pakistan Today