Kyocera Has Created A System To Convert Voice To Text

Kyocera Has Created A System To Convert Voice To Text And Display It On An Acrylic Screen In Real Time.

The coronavirus is steering Japanese electronics makers into new fields. Some are developing technologies to improve communication during the pandemic. Kyocera has created a system to convert voice to text and display it on an acrylic screen in real time. The text is shown in reverse so it can be read across a table from the speaker. Kyocera hopes the system will be used in places such as service counters, public offices and airports.

Mitsubishi Electric is developing an application that reflects speech on a screen. The app can translate words into different languages. The system makes remote conversations possible, as multiple users can share texts on tablet devices. A Mitsubishi Electric official says the app can help users communicate smoothly with people who speak different languages, as well as those with hearing disabilities. Abe Takato of the Mitsubishi Electric Integrated Design Center said, “The service can be widely used, such as at events, public spaces, and schools.” Sharp is also developing a device to enable clearer communication using acrylic panels.

This news was originally published at NHK