Flatbed Truck With World’s First Fossil-Free Stainless-Steel: Volvo

Volvo Has Unveiled A Flatbed Truck Platform Made Out Of Steel Manufactured Without Any Fossil Fuel Involved In The Process

Volvo has unveiled a flatbed truck platform made out of steel manufactured without any fossil fuel involved in the process. The platform is designed for use in quarrying and mining operations. The drivetrain and the engine are exempt from the ‘no-fossil’ rule at the moment. The company says it used hydrogen to produce the steel for the flatbed, instead of the usual coal and coke. Swedish metallurgic company SSAB and steel manufacturer Ovako cooperated with Volvo on this project. The first mention of this innovative steel alloy was made a few months ago.

The automaker claims that steel produced with hydrogen is in no way inferior to the more conventional alloys while begin nature-friendly at the same time. Moving forward, Volvo intends to use it for its upcoming EV trucks. The first small production batch of trucks should come out as soon as next year, and by 2050, the company expects to become completely carbon-neutral.

This news was originally published at For Ma Car