Artificial Rain Dropped On 1 Acre Of Cotton Fields At CCRI Multan For Research

The Artificial Rain Dropped On An Acre Of Cotton Experimental Fields At CCRI Multan Where Different Varieties Were Under Monitoring

Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Multan on Friday demonstrated artificial rain technology for the first time ever with a view to study its impact on different varieties of cotton. According to the CCRI spokesman, CCRI Multan scientists demonstrated the technology in the presence of research body’s director Dr. Zahid Mahmood and it would help researchers see what varieties are most affected by rain and what damaged the least.

The artificial rain dropped on an acre of cotton experimental fields at CCRI Multan where different varieties were under monitoring. It would help scientists judge rain impact on seed germination, fiber quality, its blackness, its color, fungus in bolls, weeds and pest infestation on each cotton variety, the spokesman said. The capability would help experts prepare guidelines for cotton farmers in areas that witness more rains to enable them minimize rain-related crop damages. Spokesman said that CCRI was continuing with its research to enable farmers be smart enough to negotiate climate change phenomenon and get good production results.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point