New Air Defence System Will Make Pakistan’s Air Defence Impenetrable

Chief Of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa Attended The Commissioning Ceremony Of The HQ-9/P High To Medium Air Defence System

Pakistan Army’s Air Defence forces have inducted a variant of the HQ-9, long-range ground-to-air missile defence system. The new air defence system, developed by China, was commissioned into service at Army Air Defence Centre in Karachi on October 14, according to the statement by the media wing of Pakistan armed forces. Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa attended the commissioning ceremony of the HQ-9/P high to medium air defence system (HIMAD). Commander Army Air Defence Command Lieutenant General Hamood uz Zaman briefed the army chief about the advanced air defence system.

The induction of the new HIMAD system “will significantly enhance comprehensive layered integrated air defence shield of aerial frontiers of Pakistan as the system is fully integrated through a well-knit digitized System on its inventory” the army said. Pakistan army chief said that the induction of high-tech systems “will make Pakistan’s air defence impenetrable in the emerging threat scenario.” Senior officials from China also attended the commissioning ceremony. “Pakistan–China strategic partnership and defence collaboration is a factor of stability in the region” Pakistan army chief said.

HQ-9/P air defence system

The HQ-9/P is a variant of the HQ-9, which is considered one of the world’s most advanced surface-to-air missile systems. The HQ-9/P can intercept various threats such as air-to-ground missiles, helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), guided bombs, cruise and ballistic missiles and beyond visual range weapons at ranges over 100 kilometres. It has remarkable flexibility and precision with high single-shot kill probability. It also features advanced electronic equipment and software for increased accuracy. HQ-9 has several variants with enhanced technology and maximum range varying from 100km to 300km. The system has been compared to the American Patriot and Russia S-300 series.

This news was originally published at Gulf News