Selecting the best Instagram growth tool is an important decision…here’s a Kicksta review to give you more info on one of the leading competitors.

Kicksta Review: Organic Instagram Growth Service

There are plenty of options available when it comes to resources for building your Instagram following. Let’s take a look at Kicksta, one of the leading growth tools, and break down the details of the site.

How It Works

Being an organic growth tool, Kicksta’s primary goal is to provide customers with natural growth on Instagram. This means purchasing real followers, not fake ones.

When users sign on with Kicksta, they provide basic information about their Instagram account and other accounts that are their ideal followers. 

Kicksta will then begin liking the photos of these other accounts, on behalf of their client, in order to draw attention to the client’s account. Kicksta will never follow accounts or post comments, but liking photos raises curiosity in the owners of the other accounts.

The owners of these accounts will then take a look at the client’s page and be inclined to follow them. This organic networking leads to a natural increase in Instagram followers and growth on the app.

Why Use Kicksta?

The feature that really makes Kicksta stand out from other Instagram growth tools is that it provides all-natural growth. When using Kicksta, clients will never purchase followers or receive spam activity on their accounts from bots.

Oftentimes, when Instagram users are looking to improve their content, they’ll be inclined to purchase fake followers or find a way for bots to like and comment on their photos. However, this is actually a dangerous tactic.

Purchasing fake followers goes against the code of conduct on Instagram, so accounts can be blocked or permanently removed from the app for partaking in such activity. Having bots comment on photos also always ends up looking spammy and unnatural, so current and potential followers can easily tell that an account has purchased Instagram activity. This will turn real users away from the account and end up causing more harm than good.

Using Kicksta will help you stay clear of breaking rules and looking suspicious, so you can enjoy Instagram growth without worrying!

Bonus Features

If this Kicksta review hasn’t convinced you to use the tool yet, let’s talk about some of the extra features available through Kicksta.

Kicksta provides an engagement calculator where Instagram users can track the activity on their accounts. This means that you can gauge how active your followers are with your posts on Instagram. This information is very helpful in determining the effectiveness of your strategies on the app.

Additionally, Kicksta features a hashtag generator, which is another key element of Instagram growth. Hashtags help users to connect with other accounts and find new accounts to follow, so knowing which hashtags to use is an important aspect of the growth journey.

With Kicksta’s hashtag generator, users can simply input one base hashtag, and Kicksta will provide a list of related hashtags that could be useful in finding followers and promoting posts.

Pros And Cons

As with any growth tool, there are both pros and cons that we should discuss in our Kicksta review. 

Some pros of Kicksta include the all-natural growth, increased engagement on users’ accounts, dashboard with detailed analytics, specific growth targets for each client, no software installation required, and a money-back guarantee.

Some of the cons involved with Kicksta are the lack of control that users have when allowing Kicksta to like photos on their behalf, as well as the lack of chat support for clients with the basic plan. 

While no growth services are completely perfect, it’s always important to weigh the benefits against the downsides of each option when considering which tool to use for Instagram growth.


When it comes to pricing, Kicksta offers two original plans, as well as a recent addition. Let’s take a look at each one.

The Kicksta Standard Plan is available for $49 per month. It offers moderate growth speed, onboarding courses, and 10 Instagram targets at a given time. 

The Kicksta Premium Plan is available for $99 per month, and it includes maximum growth speed, onboarding courses, 40 Instagram targets at a given time, VIP email support, blacklist services, and Kicksta’s advanced targeting. 

Finally, Kicksta’s most recent release is the Kicksta Boost Plan + Premium, a collaboration with TSMA. This plan can be purchased for $218 per month, and it includes all of the features that come with the Kicksta Premium Plan. However, it also offers a monthly growth boost of 850+ guaranteed followers per month, no Instagram login needed, diversified audience from global influencers, onboarding video, and premium five-days-per-week text support.

So, depending on how deeply you want to dive into your Instagram growth journey, and what your account’s needs are, Kicksta has a plan for you. All three of these packages include a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. And, all plans are pay-as-you-go and can be canceled at any time. 

In other words, signing up with Kicksta isn’t a binding, long-term commitment, so it really can’t hurt to try.

What Are Instagram Growth Services?

Instagram growth services are tools available to all Instagram users that employ various tactics to boost the Instagram accounts of their clients. This can include increasing the number of followers of a client or improving a client’s engagement rates

How Kicksta Stands Out

Since this is a Kicksta review, let’s talk about what makes Kicksta different from other Instagram growth services.

Kicksta does provide the services listed above, but it stands out because of the organic, real growth that clients enjoy. Kicksta uses AI technology, crafted over multiple years, to help clients grow their Instagram accounts through natural methods. 

Kicksta users will never pay for fake followers or use bot technology to break the rules of Instagram and achieve unnatural, ineffective growth. Instead, clients of this US-based company will find authentic growth on their accounts.

Final Verdict

The conclusion from this Kicksta review is that Kicksta is definitely worth your time, no matter who you are…even if you just want to try it out for the 14-day, money-back window.

With the wide variety of plans available, the positive testimonials on the Kicksta website, the effective all-natural growth, and the money-back guarantee, there’s really no reason that you shouldn’t give Kicksta a shot. 

No matter what your individual needs are, Kicksta can apply to your account, and you’re sure to see successful results from the authentic growth methods that Kicksta uses. So, give them a shot. And then let us know what you think!