One of the best parts of World of Warcraft are dungeons and they have been improved in Shadowlands.


It is seen that the new expansion of the game has 8 new dungeons with 4 of them being available whilst leveling up and also 4 being reserved after reaching the max level. All of the dungeons are amazingly well designed and challenging at the same time, especially in situations when playing at Mythic+ difficulty in the game. In Shadowlands, playing with friends and completing these dungeons is an absolute pleasure.

2.Enjoyable Story

Another best thing about World of Warcraft that engages players from the beginning is a well-designed intro and awesome cinematics in the gameplay. The recent World of Warcraft expansion has a lot going for it with an interesting villain, a world with depth, and the introduction of features such as Covenants that makes the game an absolute treat.

There are very well-written dialogues and perfect use of music in the game.




Each Covenant controls a major chunk of the Afterlife realm and is simply factions. As players make progress with a chance to join one of them in the end, they will be introduced to these covenants. It is known that different covenants have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. The main thing which sticks out the most is the effort put into balancing them. It is not an easy decision to decide on which covenant to choose and makes for a wonderful break from the overly simplistic quests in World of Warcraft.

4.Artistic Zone Design

When it comes to Shadowlands and zone design, Blizzard’s Art Design team’s capabilities are at their best. Although each zone in the game feels a bit gloomy sometimes, it is detailed and immersive with a story around every part of the zone. Everything looks realistic with Blizzard leaving no stones unturned when we talk about the extensive detailing in the game.


It can be seen that the zones represent the theme of Shadowlands really well. In particular,  Bastion serves as a beautiful break from the otherwise gloomy aura of the latest expansion.

5.Central Villain

One of the best villains in World of Warcraft is Zovaal or better referred to as The Jailor, and it has seen in over a decade to become the best central villain of the game. According to information revealed by the World of Warcraft moderators at Wowpedia, the Jailor bears an uncanny resemblance to Dante’s Satan in the game. When players finally face him on the battlefield, they can expect a greater challenge than usual. To grow more powerful as he plans to rupture the soul of Azeroth, the Zovaal (The Jailor) uses the souls in The Maw.

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