Short-Form Video Platforms Received A Rapid Growth During Pandemic

Short-Form Video Content Has Seen A Rise That Been Unprecedented. This Trend Has Resonating Worldwide And Pakistan Is No Different

Short-Form Video Platforms Received A Rapid Growth During Pandemic

The short-form video category has witnessed rapid growth in the last couple of years. As of 2020, social media users worldwide spent about 2 hours and 25 minutes on various platforms everyday with more than half this time dedicated to video content. On Instagram, video content receives 49% more engagement than other posts while on social media in general, videos receive 48% more views than other posts.  Be it YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels or Snapchat Spotlight, short-form video content has seen a rise that has been unprecedented. This trend has been resonating worldwide and Pakistan is no different. One of the most recent applications to launch in connection to this within the local space was Likee. As a content creator, the platform intrigued me to a great extent.

I took the time and downloaded the app for the first time a few months ago. The interface was simple and user-friendly. It was easy to browse around and it got me hooked. There was a lot to explore. From the basics initially, it didn’t take me long to figure things out. I was instantly exploring various content categories and hashtag challenges doing the rounds on the platform.  As days went on, I kept coming back to the application for one reason or another. I began experimenting with the visual effects at first. The vibrant array of filters, backgrounds and editing tools were mesmerizing to say the least. Likee offers an almost unlimited potential for creators to express their creativity in ways that I never new was possible.  For a content creation platform dedicated to short-form videos, Likee definitely stood out for me. The simplicity that the app offers is second to none. Moreover, as you get to posting, you start to build a community.

The greatest thing about social media for me has always been connectivity. The experience of meeting like minded people, albeit virtually, is an enticing experience. In modern times where the world has become a global village, these networks that we create are learning experiences for us. They open new dimensions for us to expand the boundaries of innovations and aspire for new horizons. It’s magical to say the least. As I dove deeper into the Likee application, I discovered a diverse range of content categories. From fashion to music, from fitness to talent shows there is something for everyone. Each category is a community in itself. All it takes is posting a certain hashtag with your video and doorways open for you to connect with users of the platform across the country creating content in your genre.

And that’s not it! Likee has a unique business model where its top content creators earn monthly revenues from the application. YouTube is the only other platform that I know of, which gives a share of ad revenue to the creators on it. Moreover, there are regular hashtag challenges on Likee where users have unique opportunities to win prizes which are in various form ranging from monetary to chances of being highlighted at leading programs like morning shows.

Just recently, winners from Likee’s Star Challenge appeared on GNN’s primetime show “Taron se Karen Batein” alongside Mikhaal Zulfiqar, a local heartthrob and one of the most prominent actors in Pakistan. It is possibilities like these that can enable the youth of this country to unleash their potential in a positive and inspiring manner.  Likee has witnessed immense growth in Pakistan over the years and it is not hard to see why. As an individual user, it has become an inseparable part of my life in just a few months. Personally, I believe the platform can do wonders for the youth here and we have already seen glimpses of that. Let’s look forward to see what Likee holds for us in the future.