Govt To Issue Kissan Cards To Small Farmers For Financial Support

Govt To Issue Kissan Cards To The Small Farmers To Provide Financial Support For Increase In Their Yields As Well As Development Of Agriculture Sector

Govt To Issue Kissan Cards To Small Farmers For Financial Support

Balochistan government has decided to issue Kissan Cards to the small farmers to provide financial support for increase in their yields as well as development of agriculture sector in the province,Around 668240 Bulldozer hours have been provided with the cost of Rs 960 million to bring the uneven land under cultivation, an official of Balochistan government said on Monday.

The government has procured some 11 bulldozers at a cost of Rs 5279 for land development and flood mitigation. The agriculture department has brought 69,670 acres of barren land under cultivation to ensure food security by increasing agri production. The Balochistan government had also awarded 578 Green Tractors on 50 percent subsidy to small farmers of the province. He said the government has distributed High yielding seeds of wheat, rice, oil seed, sunflower and sesame among the farmers on subsidized rate to improve the production quality and cultivate new variety of seeds.

He said that the government has installed as many as 246 green tunnels aimed at enhancing the production of offseason vegetables and fruits production in the province through tunnel farming. Balochistan government had also constructed 878 Water Courses and 361 Water Storage Tanks, 162 farm ponds to resolve water issues in agriculture sector. He said that the government was striving to convert the tub-wells on solar energy and had solarized 87 Pounds in the province. “In order to promote modern farming in the province, 150 green tunnel farms have been connected to solar energy to increase the agricultural production,” he added.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point