As co-founders of the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age, the GSMA and ITU are pleased to partner with the Ananke Girl Summit and showcase the important work of public and private sectors to advance and promote digital gender equality.

 Ananke to promote  digital gender equality

Ananke is pleased to welcome EQUALS ( as a partner for the second edition of the Ananke Girl Summit. The EQUALS global partnership for digital gender equality in the Digital Age, co-founded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UN Women, the GSMA, ITC and UN University is a committed international group of over 100 private sector leaders, governments, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions, NGOs and community groups from around the world — all dedicated to promoting gender balance in the technology sector by championing equality of access, skills development, and career opportunities for women and men alike.

Ananke Girl Summit is this fall’s top transformative virtual summit focused on enabling girls to be the architects of social change vis-à-vis digital empowerment, a mutually inclusive theme with that of UNICEF’s International Day of the Girl 2021. EQUALS recently launched Her Digital Skills, a global initiative which aims to provide girls and young women around the world with access to introductory tech workshops, free gender-transformative IT skills training and mentoring opportunities. The overarching goal of the Her Digital Skills initiative, powered by EQUALS, is to equip girls and young women around the world with the requisite technical skills to access formal employment and enter and thrive in the tech industry and tech-related employment and entrepreneurship. The programme aims to serve 1 million girls and women by 2026.

Ananke, a digital media and development platform, engaged in providing opportunities for female empowerment through awareness and advocacy is gearing up for its second round of the Girl Summit on October 30 th , 2021, Saturday. Held on Zoom Conference with a Facebook live stream(, Ananke’s flagship event aims to involve diverse audiences. The summit will be a one, full day event and consists of interactive presentations addressing key themes relevant to our world today. These include Education, Gender Equality, Creative Economy, Climate Change, Digital Rights & Cyber Safety, Disaggregated Gender Data and Mental Health.

On the occasion of the Ananke Girl Summit, ITU and the GSMA, co-founders of EQUALS, will present the Her Digital Skills initiative powered by EQUALS and host a panel discussion about the power of mentoring to foster girls’ & women’s participation in STEM.

“Her Digital Skills clearly shows the impact of multistakeholder partnerships such as the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age. With mentorship opportunities offered through the partnership and this specific initiative, EY, the GSMA, ITU and W4 will support and encourage younger women to step up and take leadership positions in the tech and mobile industry. ITU is proud to be part of the Ananke Girl Summit as an incredible platform to make progress towards our goal of meaningful universal connectivity by 2030.”

Carla Licciardello, Digital Inclusion Coordinator, Telecommunications Development Bureau, International Telecommunication Union

“As a co-founder of the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age, the GSMA is pleased to partner with the Ananke Girl Summit and showcase the important work of the mobile industry to advance and promote digital gender equality. Our joint efforts within the framework of the EQUALS Her Digital Skills Initiative alongside the ITU, EY and W4 have already allowed us to positively impact the lives of thousands of girls and young women across the globe. We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to share this great initiative with the Summit’s participants. We hope that by participating in the Summit, we will be able to expand the impact and outreach of our work to bridge the gender gap in tech and support young women, who aspire to pursue tech studies and careers, by matching them with tech and mobile industry professionals through the EQUALS e-mentoring programme,” said GSMA’s International
Relations Manager, Tamara Dancheva. Join Ananke on October 30 th , 2021, to see changemaking in action!

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