After publishing critically acclaimed comic book series, audio books and producing a children’s TV show, AzCorp Entertainment is now all set to dive into a highly lucrative and competitive board-game publishing industry, a market which is currently valued over $11 billion globally with an expected growth rate of 13% year over year.

Comic Creator steps into Board-Game Industry promoting Pakistani Culture

It will be interesting to see how the board-game market which is often inspired by the Greek and Nordic my thologies, will react to a South Asian post-apocalyptic world with jinns and heroes from this part of the world. The board-game is being launched exclusively on Kick starter for only 30 days with 15% discounts being offered to buyers in their first 24hrs of launch, which is on OCTOBER 12, 2021 at 10pm Pakistan Standard Time (1pm Eastern Standard Time)To register all you need to do is click on their campaign preview link and push ‘Notify me on launch’ button and you will receive an email as the campaign goes live.

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