Cube Two X AI Home With More Space And Charm For Better Living

Cube Two X Tiny House Is Available To Pre-Order Anywhere In World, With A Starting Price Of $98,000. While Worldwide Delivery Is Available

Cube Two X AI Home With More Space And Charm For Better Living

Nestron was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Singapore, but is a multinational company that also has offices in Malaysia and China. It has two series of houses in its collection: Legend and Cube. For each of them, there are several versions available: Legend/Cube One, Legend/Cube Two, and most recently, Legend/Cube Two X. We are going to focus on the Cube Two X in this piece, which is an extension of the Cube Two series, maintaining the same futuristic design and high-tech features, but adding more space and charm to the tiny home.

The C2X comes with an interior design that increases the living space by 30 percent compared to Cube Two. There are two versions available with the C2X: a single bedroom and a double bedroom. Both of them have the same dimensions, but the layout is different. With an area of 377 sq ft (35 sq m), the C2X measures 393” (10 meters) in length, 137” (3.5 meters) in width, and 122” (3.10 meters) in height. Both versions weigh 8,000 kg (17,636 lb). In comparison, the standard C2 tiny home has a 263 sq ft (24.4 sq m) of living space, being able to accommodate a family of 3 to 4 members.

When it comes to layout, the single bedroom C2X has an entryway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. The double bedroom version of the tiny home has pretty much the same configuration but you have both a master and a secondary bedroom included. For the C2X, Nestron installed a long horizontal window and French windows as well, offering plenty of natural light and a more open view to enjoy your surroundings. This home might be tiny but it is smarter than you think, both in terms of design and amenities, with an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant named Canny controlling appliances via voice command. There is also a projector available as an add-on.

Everything about the C2X is smart, including the furniture, although most of its fancier features are optional, available upon request. For instance, the projector set that would go in the living room is sold as an extra. In the kitchen and dining area, Nestron includes the basics such as sink and faucet, dining table, storage cabinets, but you have to request as extra a double door fridge, invisible induction cooktop, and there’s even a dining wall mounted smart tablet available. Moving on to the bedrooms, you can also opt for automatic sliding doors. A manual sliding door is otherwise included in the basic package, along with the bed, storage cabinets, a bookshelf, a wardrobe, and a foldable table.

The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, shower, water heater, mirror cabinet, basin and faucet, clear black glass partition. But you can also make the bathroom smarter if you opt for a smart toilet and a smart mirror. A washing machine is also available upon request. Nestron likes to keep the design smart as well, separating the wet and dry areas in the bathroom in order to keep it cleaner and prevent it from getting damp and moldy over time.

There are also hands-free lights installed in the house, that automatically turn on when they sense motion nearby. In-floor heating for the house is also available, but it comes at extra cost. All the electrical and mechanical systems of the C2X are gathered in one single room which is located in the back of the house, saving space and keeping everything organized. The Cube Two X tiny house is available to pre-order anywhere in the world, with a starting price of $98,000. While worldwide delivery is available, you have to expect to pay extra depending on the location you want it shipped to. For instance, the shipping costs of the Cube Two model were an extra $8,000 for the U.S., and that was last year.

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