Islamabad Police To Have Drone Air Patrolling Unit

Islamabad Police Department Will Have A Dedicated Air Patrolling Unit, The Interior Minister Has Announced.

Islamabad Police To Have Drone Air Patrolling Unit

Islamabad police department will have a dedicated air patrolling unit, the interior minister has announced. Speaking at a news conference, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the Islamabad Police air patrolling unit with additional officers would be launched within a week.

The new air security unit will initially start operations with 12 drones and two locators for live tracking and surveillance. The unit would work in collaboration with the Safe City project of Islamabad Police. The air support unit provides effective airborne surveillance and additional support to the patrol and specialized units of the police department. The unit will enhance officer and public safety, reduce the incidence of crime and strengthen the city’s security, Islamabad police officials said. Pakistan’s capital city police began the use of drones in late 2020 to track suspects, expand the scope of police surveillance and ensure public safety.

Islamabad police department is utilizing modern technology for a wide range of issues including counter crimes, automation of policing process, making the city safer for residents and visitors, the public relations department of the police said. There are over 1900 cameras installed in the capital city under the Safe City project which was launched in 2016. An extra 1,000 recruits will also be joining Islamabad police to improve policing in the city. Currently, the capital police force has a strength of approximately 12,000 including 8,100 constables, 1,500 head constables, 1,100 assistant sub-inspectors, 500 sub-inspectors, and around 170 inspectors.

This news was originally published at Gulf News