WhatsApp Aims To Develop New Features For Voice Notes

Instant-Messaging App WhatsApp Introduced Features That Enabled Users To Listen To Voice Notes At Different Playback Speeds

WhatsApp Aims To Develop New Features For Voice Notes

WhatsApp is working on introducing new features for voice messages, a few weeks after the instant-messaging app introduced features that enabled users to listen to voice notes at different playback speeds, revealed WABetainfo.  In what is likely to be received as welcome news for millions of WhatsApp users around the globe, the new feature allows users to listen to voice notes or messages even after leaving chats.  WhatsApp has decided to call the feature the “global voice message player” because it will be pinned to the top of the application, hence it will always be visible when you open any section of the app.  Users will be able to pause and dismiss a voice message at any time.

This feature will prove handy when people receive voice notes of large durations. At such given times, users can keep on sending messages to other contacts while the voice message continues to play in the background.  “This feature was spotted during the development of WhatsApp beta for iOS (so it’s still not available), but WhatsApp is also planning to introduce the same feature on WhatsApp beta for Android as well, so be sure to follow us if you want to receive our updates when there is news,” wrote WABetainfo.  The feature is currently under development and will be soon revealed for WhatsApp audiences worldwide.

WhatsApp rolls out new disappearing messages features today, A day earlier, WABetainfo had reported that WhatsApp is set to introduce new features related to disappearing messages that the app is launching to improve a user’s experience. The new feature will be called ‘New Durations and Default Timer’ for the time being. The new features are meant to be tools to efficiently manage disappearing messages. The first of the two features will give users control over new ephemeral durations. Previously, the messages set to ‘disappearing messages’ used to vanish after seven days. But now, WhatsApp will introduce measures to ensure the duration can be managed. Users will be able to set the “disappearing messages” option to different durations, such as 24 hours, 90 days, and even seven days. The second option is about creating a default message timer for new chats. A user can enable this feature by visiting the WhatsApp Privacy Setting. If enabled, the user will have the disappearing messages option enabled in all new chats for a selected duration. If a user enables the default message timer, their existing chats and new groups will not be affected by the timer.

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