Ambassador Netherlands Invites Hammad Azhar Minister For Energy

Wouter Plomp Invites Federal Minister For Energy Muhammad Hammad Azhar Monday In His Office To Discuss Issues Of Mutual Interest

Ambassador Netherlands Invites Hammad Azhar Minister For Energy

Ambassador of Netherlands Wouter Plomp called on the Federal Minister for Energy Muhammad Hammad Azhar Monday in his office to discuss the issues of mutual interest. During the meeting, the minister highlighted the initiatives of his government to enhance the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of Pakistan which has been targeted to be 45% by 2030, said a press release.

He informed that all the future energy projects would be renewable energy based. The minister reiterated that Pakistan is keen to develop cleaner and environment friendly sources of energy. He further added that Pakistan is introducing policy of wheeling of electricity which would allow power producers to sell electricity to any local business entity instead of central power purchasing agency.

He also informed that Pakistan is investing heavily to enhance the transmission capacity of the country removing all bottlenecks and excavating new transmission lines. The Ambassador apprised that several Dutch companies were interested to invest in the projects of solid waste energy. He said that the Dutch companies had great expertise to effectively use domestic and agriculture wastes to produce electricity which was claimed to be cheaper. The Minister expressed his strong desire in the exchange of technology and expertise in the field of generation of electricity through solid management.

This news was originally published at Daily Times