Africa historically known as the dark continent has been a place of great mystery and exploration during the colonial times. The continent has been exploited and explored by Westin nations during the colonial period. African people have suffered in numerically over this dark historic period; but shown their resilience to regenerate again from the ashes like the mythical bird Sphinx rushing from ashes. To me it symbolizes the victory of virtue over vice and the triumph of victory of good over evil.

By Saikat Kumar Basu

Africa has taught us all to be respectful towards human dignity, humanity and above all about equality. Several Africans have taught for independence and given their lives happily to better the future of their communities. It very much touches me and inspires me to be be a better and stronger individual. Furthermore, the continent of Africa is a land of create biodiversity and various ethnicities and diverse cultures from the Sahara desert to the Sub-Saharan Africa.

It is a continent of virgin forests, primeval woods, rich wildlife, diverse climate and physiographical regions that awe inspiration. From the Nile delta to the Rift Valley, from the dense forests of tropical Africa to the snows of Kilimanjaro and from coast to coast, Africa represents a continent of bounty, mystery, passion and unimaginable beauty and diversity. The various socio-cultural and socio-religious practices, the diversity of various languages spoken, the unique cultures and social lives of African tribes from across the continent is a collage of pulsating life.

Africa is not the dark continent; but in the real sense of the term the light of the world and the cradle of human civilization. Our ancestors stepped out of Africa to conquer the planet and today as the primary dominant species of the planet we owe a lot to our ancestral origin from Africa. I love and adore Africa and someday would love to be there under the open hot sky and above the red laterite soil gazing as the distant forest clad mysterious mountains stand before my eye. I will like to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the continent travelling across the river and passing through the spectacular waterfalls, rapids, gorges, streams, lakes and rivulets.

I want to see the bright silver moon sitting in the sands of the Kalahari desert at night. I want to drink water from a oasis while travelling on a camel caravan across the Sahara. In short. Africa if my dream is the Africa in my soul. Gross injustice has been done to the continents and her adorable people; and it is time they we pay back to the majestic continent through our support, respect, love and passion for the continent.