We all feel exposed when talking about digital data protection. Everyone has the right to privacy which should not be invaded by any company, any organization, or any country.

Data protection is the biggest problem in today’s world. You never know what company or what government is going through your personal data and this issue has gone global now. From famous celebrities, bloggers or influencers to every common person, everyone who has access to internet has given their privacies. Because of this fear of data leakage almost a quarter of internet’s population has opted for VPN services to keep their identities hidden.

For those who don’t know, VPN creates a private network over a public network enabling users to send and receive data between different computing devices. VPN has become a common phenomenon as data leakage issue has gone worldwide. It provides its users with increase in functionality, security, and management of a private network. VPN establishes a point-to-point connection having no interference from any other organization.

Now that we all know a genuine method to keep our data safe, the second question arises that what VPN service exactly. Privacy Sharks has got your back providing its users with the best service customers can choose from provided list. Privacy Sharks has aimed to provide its customers with unquestionable safety and privacy when their customer enters the digital world. Most VPN services offer subscriptions, and it is quite a difficult decision is judging what’s best for your usage. The platform isn’t just a hub for all popular VPN services but also come up with detailed unbiased reviews. It analyzes the customer’s requirements and recommends the perfect packages for their needs. Every internet user needs a judge to invest in such virtual private network services and Privacy Shark perfectly fulfills these requirements. It gives relief from thinking about hackers entering your computer or internet censorship. It is a one stop shop helping its customers to choose a VPN that is safe, speedy, and most importantly, trustworthy.

The website offers services for different categories each fitting right for different purposes from normal surfing on the internet to intense gaming and online streaming. It ranks the best Pakistan VPNS services and categorizes them according to the operating system that could be used best with them. It has a wide range of virtual private network service providers that are classified into services that are free, inexpensive and the ones that are specified to a particular workspace.

Keeping track of passwords isn’t an easy job. Billions of IDs are hacked in a single year and there is no solution to them. Privacy Sharks also connects its customers to reliable password managers. Where we think password managers are only for tech geeks, in reality it is one the most valuable tools helping its users in knowing the strength of their passwords. These password managers store the data in an encrypted database that is not accessible by anyone around the world leaving hackers empty handed.

Moreover, Privacy Sharks helps to encrypt your emails preventing viruses and restricting other people to access your account. This encryption acts like a filter that infiltrates all malware entering your inbox. Encryption ensures all messages entering your inbox are safe and only intended for viewing with authorized users. This means that no one will be able to read any part of our messages unless they have credentials to your account.

Pakistan has faced a few censorships in the past from banning of YouTube in 2012 to the latest TikTok ban. The country has been a virtual guardhouse for many internet users. Everyone wants to live with freedom of using internet which is not possible and VPN service is the only solution to this. Some of the restrictions imposed by the government are understandable that are for the betterment of the society. But many of these limitations takes away freedom of speech and hides the wider side of the story. Strict censorship imposed by the Government of Pakistan has blindfolded many residents stopping them from accessing certain websites. People fear that the country’s network may turn into something similar to China’s internet network that regulates the digital world keeping check and balance on every activity.

Privacy Sharks guides its customers to select suitable VPN service as per their usage providing them the perfect subscription packages ensuring these services aren’t any fraud and people invest for the best system.

We may have realized till now that the internet is not safe. Protection of browsing activity from ISPs and hackers should be prioritized giving users the ability to access any content from around the globe while keeping their data safe. The internet is not encrypted making it dangerous as it can result in leak of sensitive information. This makes VPN a crucial part of our digital lives.