Scope Of Colorado As Second-Largest Natural Gas Preserver Discussed

West Slope Co-Ga Says Western Colorado Is Home To The Second-Largest Natural Gas Reserve In The United States

Scope Of Colorado As Second-Largest Natural Gas Preserver Discussed

The Western Colorado Oil and Gas Association and other industry leaders spoke about the future of fossil fuels at the Western Colorado Economic Summit. Chelsie Miera, Executive Director of The West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, says, “Colorado oil and gas produces some of the cleanest and most energy-dense molecules of energy in the entire world.” West Slope Co-Ga says it’s because western Colorado is home to the second-largest natural gas reserve in the United States.

A tool Miera says could help fight climate change.

Miera also says, “a really great opportunity as we are looking to combat global climate change, Western Colorado is a huge piece of that puzzle.” Oil and gas is considered the, “western Colorado is absolutely the powerhouse for natural gas in the United States. We have enough power here to power one billion homes for about a year,” according to Miera. One area households on the Western Slope have experienced trouble is at the pump. Miera also says, “we’ve also seen tax and fee increases in Colorado specifically that are raising those costs and putting those on the consumer that you don’t see nationally either.” Taxes are going up, but the need remains the same for thousands of Coloradans.

Miera added, “natural gas is used a lot on our electrical grids, to heat our homes, hospitals, schools, and businesses. Keep them warm in the winter months as we’re heading into the cooler season and cool in the summer months.” Oil and gas in the state supplies roughly 100,000 jobs and helps generate essential revenue for the Valley. Miera also says, “natural gas injects significant dollars into our economies over here.”

This news was originally published at Western Slope Now