If you have lots of emails in Outlook and need to convert their files as PDF file format? Have you ever tried it manually? Do not worry, here, we are providing a complete process to find out how to automatically convert Outlook email into PDF?

Reasons for Switching Outlook Data File to PDF Format

Sometimes, you need to convert Outlook emails to PDF file format to save their Outlook emails as a backup or to convert their important mails everywhere. Some of the common reasons to migrate Outlook PST to PDF format are mentioned below:

  • The PDF file is commonly used for forensic resolves and lawyers to show the document file as their proof. So that they can easily move the PST file and save them in PDF format. 
  • PDF format is the safest and secure file format which gives password protection for every email message. 
  • Adobe PDF document format is an independent file format on different platforms and makes it more accessible on any machine like desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. 
  • PDF is used by various companies, college, and the school for making projects and presentations, and reports. 

How to Save Outlook PST Files as PDF Format Manually?

There are multiple manual solutions offered to users using which they can convert their Outlook data file to PDF file format. Go through and follow the below explained steps to save PST files as PDF format.

  1. Open and run MS Outlook email program
  2. Then, choose the emails data, go to File menu >> click on the Save As button and save it as .html format at your desired location. 
  3. After this, opt for the saved .html file and right-click on it. Press the Open with option and select MS Word from the list of programs. 
  4. Hit on the File menu option >> hit on the Save As option >> select .pdf format from the listed formats to save the file in PDF format. Save it as a .pdf file. 

This manual solution is workable by converting a few Outlook emails to PDF, as it wants one-by-one processing. But if you are thinking of performing a migration on a big size of files, then it is not workable for bulk conversion of files. This method is a time-consuming and confusing process and requires good technical knowledge to perform this process. Moreover, this method is not safe. There are possibilities of data loss corruption. So, I suggest you, choose a third-party tool i.e. Outlook Converter. 

Expert Solution – How to Automatically Convert Outlook Email into PDF?

If you need to convert your complete Outlook emails into PDF in batch and without any data loss corruption, then you must go with CubexSoft PST to PDF Converter software. It’s advanced software that allows precise, complete, and smooth migration of PST files to PDF format. The tool is programmed to help the user overcome the issues faced by them while using a manual solution. PST to PDF Converter software is an ideal and reliable solution to easily convert multiple Outlook PST files to PDF format in batch without any data loss. This software comes with so many advanced and amazing features for users to easily understand the process of how to automatically convert Outlook email into PDF format. 

Why Opt for Commercial Professional Software(CubexSoft Outlook Export)?

The converter tool has multiple advanced and unique features to convert multiple PST files to PDF format in just a few clicks. Some advanced features are listed below:

  • Convert PST emails to PDF format along with attachments
  • Enables you to bulk export PST files to PDF documents without any size restriction
  • Provides multiple file naming options to save PST files in PDF format
  • Allows you to convert selective email messages from Outlook to PDF without any issues
  • Supports easy and simple user-friendly graphical interface
  • Allows you to convert all attachments into PDF format
  • Suitable for all the Microsoft Outlook versions like – 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and etc.
  • Workable both types of PST Files – ANSI and UNICODE
  • Compatible with all the latest and below versions such as 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
The Concluding Words

Nowadays, a number of users are facing a problem with MS Outlook. Due to reasons, many users need to convert Outlook PST files to PDF file format. Thus, in this post, we have discussed both solutions to figure out how to automatically convert Outlook email into PDF format. So, try both methods to convert PST files to PDF file format as per their needs and requirements.