China’s 50MW wind power plant provides clean energy in Sindh

HYDROCHINA Master green 50MW wind power plant project is providing clean energy for Pakistan that would contribute a lot towards achieving Prime Minister Imran Khan’s mission for green and clean Pakistan, CEN reported yesterday.

China’s 50MW wind power plant provides clean energy in Sindh

The project located in Jamshoro District and is executed by HydroChina International Engineering Co. Ltd, its availability during reliability running test reaches 99.86 percent, which was much higher than the 85 percent level required by the local power purchase agreement.

“Overall, the project will deliver 168 million kWh per year clean energy for Pakistan,” said Lv Guanghua, Deputy Director of the HDEC Renewable Energy Engineering Department EPC Management, while talking to CEN.

He underlined that during the 168-hour reliability running test of the wind farm, the availability rate of wind turbines and BOP equipment created a new record for the availability of PowerChina’s wind power project in Pakistan during the trial operation period.

Since 2014, PowerChina has completed a total of 8 private-owned wind power plant projects in Pakistan. “So far, PowerChina has hired more than 300 Pakistani engineers,” Lv added.

He also said that the new batch of wind power projects has a total installed capacity of 610MW. Together with wind power projects completed before 2019, the company has undertaken wind power EPC projects in Sindh with an installed capacity of 1139.5MW, accounting for more than 60 percent of Pakistan’s market shares.

After the completion of all projects, 3.67 billion kWh of green electricity can be delivered to Pakistan’s power grid every year, making great contributions to Pakistan’s energy conservation, emission reduction and economic and social development.

Originally published at The nation