China Solicits Public Opinion On Research Directions For Disruptive Technologies

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has started to solicit public opinion on the research directions of disruptive technologies in order to improve the nation’s ability to make prospective plans for major scientific and technological innovations

China solicits public opinion on research directions for disruptive technologies

Disruptive technology is an important breakthrough for scientific and technological innovations which have revolutionary significance in terms of reshaping the lives of all people, industrial production and commercial consumption. 

The solicitation will target the major scientific and technological demands of high-quality economic and social development and highlight the breakthroughs, industrial transformation and huge market potential of disruptive technologies. 

It will focus on the collection of disruptive technologies that may produce major breakthroughs in the future, and those that can bring industrial upgrades, or have huge market potential. 

According to an official from the ministry, the solicitation will stick to the “disruptive” characteristic and strive to break through traditional scientific research concepts and paradigms, explore and establish the discovery, selection and funding mechanisms of projects in line with the characteristics and rules of disruptive technology innovation. 

A batch of talents and teams of innovative personnel who can practice innovations of disruptive technologies will be discovered and supported to cultivate an innovative culture. 

Originally published at Global times

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