The field of technology is constantly evolving to need Top Tech Skills in 2021, and with that evolution comes constant opportunities to advance your career. 

Top Tech Skills in 2021 that Ensures To Get Good Job in Industry

The field of technology is constantly evolving to need Top Tech Skills in 2021, and with that evolution comes constant opportunities to advance your career. After all, high-tech industries are the backbone of the U.S. economy,

The field of technology is constantly evolving, and with that evolution comes constant opportunities to advance your career. After all, high-tech industries are the backbone of the U.S. economy, “providing about 12% of all jobs but producing almost 23% of output.” In the years to come, the industry is only expected to grow, with the market projected to increase to $5 trillion by the end of 2021.

All that being said, there’s no time like the present to brush up on your tech skills. Whether you’re a new entry in the industry or you’ve been around for decades, knowing what skills to cultivate to land your dream job is essential to your personal and professional success.

Nail Your Resume

Your first impression is an important one, and chances are your first point of contact with potential employers won’t be with a human. Do you know how to write a resume that passes through applicant tracking systems? Many applicants don’t, and it’s the reason their dossiers get tossed in the trash rather than set on the hiring manager’s desk.

By sticking to standard resume sections, amplifying keyword context, and tailoring your resume to each position, you can increase your chances of getting selected for a callback interview. Adapting your resume to the recruitment applicant tracking system is also good practice in developing analytical and writing skills, which can come in handy on the job.

Business Analysis

Data analytics and business intelligence are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. Tech professionals skilled in data analysis and visualization can drive companies to reach greater efficiency while maximizing profits. Becoming a Salesforce business analyst, for instance, gives you the chance to combine project management skills with data analysis and a goal-oriented mindset.

If you have an idea of specific fields you’d like to breach into, consider what skills are valued in those areas and how you can best contribute. If your skills aren’t quite up to par, you’ll have a better idea of what education and work experience can help you achieve your career goals.


Cybersecurity professionals are key in maintaining calm on the digital front. Cybercriminals and cyberattacks are one of the greatest threats our nation faces today. Stopping malicious hackers in their tracks is important in creating a safe digital ecosystem for all users.

Malware analysis skills, cloud security, IP setup, and CISM and CISSP certifications can help you stand out when applying to cybersecurity or cybersecurity-adjacent positions. Other top skills employers expect from cybersecurity professionals include security analysis and investigation, Internet of Things (IoT) security, and secure application development.

Software Development

When applying for software-related positions, your resume should focus primarily on your technical skills, whether they lie in the field of iOS development, C++, WordPress, or Javascript. Employers want to see the breadth of your software knowledge and understand your flexibility when it comes to learning new software. The need for talented coders is only increasing as usage of cloud-based systems, smart appliances, and mobile devices rises. Taking the extra time to ensure your software skills stand out will set you apart from the crowd.


Among the top 10 IT skills in demand, the “soft skills” are often overlooked by job-seekers. Leadership heads the list of necessary soft skills, and for good reason. Communication skills, self-assessment, and mentorship ensure your organization takes advantage of efficient processes and improves whenever possible.

The importance of developing leadership skills goes beyond organizational efficiency, however. Listening and analytical skills are key to understanding your coworkers and setting them up for success in their careers.

Technical Writing

Oftentimes in the world of IT, it’s necessary to explain complex topics in a concise, digestible format. Many tech professionals lack the written skills to produce such content. Likewise, many writers don’t possess the technical skills to effectively communicate the information at hand.

Technical writers merge the best of both worlds. Whether you’re managing client relations, writing press releases, blog posts, or client manuals, or exploring the world of social media, writing is a key aspect of any career field. Honing your writing skills will make you a stand-out candidate in any technical industry.

Project Management

Organizational skills are essential in the tech field, for staying on track, on time, and on budget. IT project managers possess the oversight of upper management and the tech skills of a developer. When vying for a project management position, the following skills can help you get your foot in the door:

  • Leadership
  • Quality control
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Technical knowledge

Enter the Job Market With Newfound Confidence

If you’ve been wary about entering the job market because you’re not sure if your resume stands out in the sea of applicants, consider honing your technical and soft skills. By carefully tailoring each resume to each position, you’ll maximize your chances of landing a job perfectly suited to your skills.

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By Arsalan Ahmad

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