A saying “an aimless existence is an early death”. Life is meaningless without a goal or purpose. Masses who have some targets and purpose, their presence is meaningful in the globe. Maintaining an optimistic mindset, if an energetic team has decided to do something new and better for the society and for the region, then no any obstacle can stop them to do so.

By Muhammad Ilyas

Courageous Students Efforts

With the courageous aim and determination, the students from Nasirabad region have decided to plant seven thousand trees. These trees will plant in the surrounding of newly constructed University building located in green belt of Balochistan. University total area covers around five hundred acres.  Although, it is a tough task, without courage, efforts and potential it is not possible. This is a massive target and they have taken up first initiative. In the beginning, team UCDMJ have planted twelve hundred trees in a single day. However, this was barren land before and not even any single plant was there due to water shortage.

Importance of Plantation

Plantation is essential for the survival of the earth and have greater importance in all over the world. The tree plantation is crucial for the endurance of the living organisms. They fulfil our basic needs likewise food and shelter. Plants are natural resource which release oxygen in day time and absorb carbon dioxide at night which is important for the life of humans and animals. The Presence of plants makes the air cool, fresh and clean. Psychologically, plants make us mentally healthy and we feel excited in the presence of greenish environment. Plants may decrease and maintain the temperature for many creatures on the earth. People mostly prefer those places to visit where trees and colourful plants surrounded the environment. Trees are one of the significant factors of the ecosystem, which brings improvement in the ecosystem for the biological and a biological factor.

An average size of tree can create adequate oxygen in a year to fulfil the requirement of four persons in a family. Trees support to combat against global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees (forest) become the source of rain in any region and play a key role to capture rain water. Plants also protect surface horizon from splash erosion and save us from natural risks like disasters and floods. Tree plantation is also helpful to control the climate change. “Climate change” is the change in the average conditions. Such as temperature and rainfall in a region over a long period of time. Though, climate change is one of the major issues in all over the globe.


This is a great quote “if you want to hear the chirping of birds, do not buy cages, plant trees in that surrounding that will resultantly attract them”. We are cutting trees and using them for burning purpose instead of planting more trees. Deforestation is also affecting the breeding of birds and decreasing their population and cause imbalance in the nature. The term “deforestation” means the process or practice of cutting trees and clearing land areas in large scale. Because of deforestation, forest/agriculture land have turned into the colony.

Carbon Sequestration

Masses prefer to migrate to those places where they feel relaxed and comfortable. They cut those trees and use them for their living purpose. After cutting those trees people do not care about the nature and do not follow the laws. They must plant at least a tree in replacement of a tree which they have cut down or have used for their living purpose. Furthermore, they do not follow carbon sequestration. The method or process of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the purpose of reducing global climate change is known as “carbon sequestration”. If any factory or industry is releasing more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In return these factories and industries are planting trees to balance the atmosphere.

Impacts of Deforestation in Balochistan

Deforestation is also affecting the rangeland areas of Balochistan. Although, Balochistan is called the fruit basket of the country. Different types of crops and vegetables which are also grown in large quantity, especially in green belt of Balochistan. On account of mismanagement in irrigation and other major agriculture factors and lack of facilities. This area is affected more from the last several years. Team University College of Dera Murad Jamali, Nasirabad has decided to convert five hundred acres of barren land into green land with their limited resources. The term which is used commonly for converting barren land into forest or covering an area by plants is known as afforestation.


After few years, a green flourishing Institution will replace the barren land. Masses will see positive impacts of tree plantation in the surrounding of the University in future. People will attract by hearing the chirping of birds, beautiful sceneries, shaded walking tracks, loving temperature, relax safe environment, green parks, grounds covered by large trees, breeding of birds, clean air for breathing and suitable environment for living. In conclusion, save trees from the irregular cuttings. Follow carbon sequestration laws and giving awareness to the masses about the importance of trees. Plant more trees for the next generation and for the survival on the earth is the real solution to get rid from the barren land and polluted environment.

Author: Muhammad Ilyas

Department of Agronomy, University College of Dera Murad Jamali, Nasirabad, Balochistan, Pakistan.

By Muhammad Ilyas

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