There are many ways to wirelessly connect devices into a network. Most users don’t know about the details of it and simply use the connection as it’s provided by the internet provider service. However, it’s useful to go into details of your router settings and use them to their utmost potential.

One of such features is known as WPS and it stands for Wi-Fi protected setup. It’s something that you’ll need to activate on your router and it’s relatively easy to do. An average user that knows their IP address should be able to do it.

Access The Router Settings Options


The first thing to do is to access the router settings options. That’s done through any browser and it will require you to know your IP address and the password needed to enter the settings menu. There are a few ways to find the IP address if you don’t know it already. It can be done via Command Prompt or in your network settings. Alternatively, it’s possible to get the IP address from the router manufacturer. 

In most cases, the admin name is “admin” and the default password that’s set by the internet provider is “password”. Once you enter these you’ll be able to log in and enable WPS on a router.

How to Enable WPS On a Router?


When you’re in the settings configuration click the “Wireless settings” menu. After that, you should click Basic Security Settings from the menu that will appear on the left. In that menu, you’ll see a “Turn Wireless On “section. Below that you’ll see a “WPS” option and you should check the “on” button. 

When you do that, all that remains is to click apply and that means that the WPS will now be turned on and operational. 

A Security Feature


There are some security features that are built into the WPS router connection. That’s done with a simple PIN code that needs to be entered in order to connect the device with a router by using WPS. It’s possible to leave this option meaning that a user needs to enter the PIN code to connect to a router or you could disable it entirely and allow the devices to be connected right away.

It’s important to note that having a four-digit pin code isn’t that much of a security feature since there’s a limited amount of options and there’s no limit as to how many times you can try to log in.

How to Connect a Device Using WPS?


The simplest way to connect the device is to use a WPS button.  Find the WPS button on the router and press it. That can be done only after you’ve enabled the WPS as we described before. After that, you should wait for about two minutes so that WPS is activated. 

When that time passes, you should press the same WPS button on the device you’re trying to connect. The two devices should now be connected. Have in mind that this is possible only if both devices have a WPS button.

Connect A Device Using Its WPS Pin?


In order to use this method of connecting devices via WPS, you’ll need to have a PIN provided by the client device manufacturer. Those are easy enough to find in the proper documentation if you don’t have them already. 

Start by accessing the router’s web-based setup. It can be done in any browser and you need to know the IP address to do it. After that, you’ll be asked the enter the log-in details and log in. That too is easy enough, since they are mostly left to default settings, provided by the manufacturer. 

Once you’re in, go to the “Wireless” section and then to the “Wi-Fi protected setup”. There you should enter the PIN code and click the “register” button.  Once all of this is done the two devices should be connected as they would be by pressing a WPS button.

Why You Should Be Using WPS?


The main advantage of using WPS to connect the devices you’re using is that it’s easy and convenient to do. Once WPS is enabled the process for connecting the devices becomes much simpler and easier to manage. You don’t need to know the SSID and the security keys when connecting the devices.

The security keys of passwords are not a safe way to connect devices since they can be hacked or easily obtained by finding personal data. Now when there’s no more need for them, there’s no reason to fear someone may find and abuse them.  WPS is also an integrated part of most user interfaces and it’s easy enough to use and set up.

To Sum Up


WPS is used to easily connect devices via a wireless connection. It’s not a feature that’s automatically enabled on all routers and it’s important for the user to enable it on their own. That can be done easily and all that your need is your IP address.