A mysterious weapon was surely all set to be declassified at the launch of the US Space Force. US have military branch but it had weapons too.


On the face of it, the black void of space appears the perfect place to lodge your most valuable secrets but it looks like the US military has other ideas. A report from Breaking Defense indicates that, if it wasn’t for the fallout in Afghanistan that’s monopolized the Pentagon’s attention, the US would have revealed a top-secret space weapon at the 2021 Space Symposium that took place in late August. 

A Mysterious weapon was originally all set to be declassified at the launch of the US Space Force to announce that, not only did the US have a new military branch but it had weapons too. But there was the tiny issue of a pandemic to contend with. 

What makes the mysterious weapon all the more intriguing is that it is shrouded in the darkest of veils known as a Special Access Program (SAP) – the highest level of classification in the US military. While we may have to wait a little longer before the big reveal, there are some morsels of information we can use to make an educated guess. 

To address the question of why any country would want to plant weapons in space, it’s important to understand our increasing reliance on satellites as vital communications tools. Satellites have come to be critical components in informing military strategy, capable of surveilling sensitive territory and transmitting information to human attendants on the ground. 

Over the last six decades or so, the satellite race, instigated by the US, has, for all intents and purposes, reached a saturation point with several nations now using satellites as early warning systems against invasions or missile launches. 

But satellites have sensors and therefore remain vulnerable to disruption or destruction. Incapacitating a satellite would amount to dealing a heavy blow to an adversary, and there is already plenty of evidence that nations have ground-based capabilities like anti-satellite jammers or missiles capable of achieving this. 

Yet, the real value of counterspace weapons lies, not in what they can do, but in how they come to act as a deterrent and herein resides the reason for which the US military is considering declassifying its space weapon. 

Source Times Now News