China releases key transport technology layout through 2035

China’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) and Ministry of Science and Technology have issued an advisory focusing on problem-solving and self-reliance in key transport technology based on innovation through 2035.

China releases key transport technology layout through 2035

The document emphasizes making breakthroughs regarding technical problems in the transport sector and sets a goal to achieve self-reliance in key technology by the target date, MOT spokesperson Sun Wenjian told a press conference on Thursday.

It also lays out a series of research and development tasks on fundamental research, core technology, modern engineering technology and frontier disruptive technology to bolster supply.

Adhering to the philosophy of coordinated development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, transformation and upgrading of transportation construction, equipment and service sectors will be fully promoted.

Sun said that legislation on artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and unmanned aerial vehicles will be studied and drawn up.

Originally published at Cgtn