Apple Expected to Spill the Beans on the Apple Car in Just a Few Months

We’ve known for a while Apple is working on an Apple Car, but as per the company’s typical approach, everything has remained completely secret, especially as the iPhone maker most likely considers this project a top priority in the long term.

Apple Expected to Spill the Beans on the Apple Car in Just a Few Months

By Bogdan Popa

But despite Apple’s FBI-inspired secrecy, certain tidbits of information still make their way to the web, especially as the work on the car advances, apparently at a rather fast pace.

This is while Nobel Prize winner Akira Yoshino expects Apple to spill the beans on the Apple Car at some point this year, with the company possibly to share some information concerning the technology it plans to use on the vehicle.

Yoshino, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the work on lithium-ion batteries, believes Apple could launch the Apple Car at some point in 2025, but some information should be shared as soon as the upcoming months.

This fall is going to be a super-busy time of the year for Apple, as the company is projected to take the wraps off new iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs, so it’ll be holding several events where it could also drop some information about the highly anticipated Apple Car.

According to people with knowledge of the matter, Apple has reached a point where it’s discussing the manufacturing deal for the Apple Car, and a joint venture formed by Magna and LG is believed to have the biggest chances of securing a partnership with the American tech giant.

Previously, Apple has tried various approaches, including reaching out to traditional automakers, such as Hyundai, but the company eventually decided to go for a strategy that’s similar to the one it uses for the iPhone and join forces with a contract manufacturer.

The first Apple event will take place in mid-September when the company announces the 2021 iPhone generation.

Originally published at Auto evolution