Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha has said that long coastline of Balochistan University Of Lasbela offers vast opportunities for growth and development of blue economy.

Speaking at a briefing at Governor House on Saturday, Mr Agha said the University of Lasbela could play an important role in harnessing maritime trade and strengthening the blue economy.

“As a result of the rapid development of science and technology, angles and scales of seeing, examining and testing things have changed,” the governor said.

“Only by making full use of these innovative research and creations will we be able to promote a healthy environment in higher educational institutions of the province, raise standard of education and bring teaching methods in line with modern requirements,” he said.

The governor said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was an excellent project for the entire region and in view of CPEC, “we need to focus on providing higher education as well as teaching our new generation modern skills”.

He appreciated the performance of Vice Chancellor of Lasbela University Prof Dr Dost Baloch and his entire team and said he should make conscious efforts to further improve the performance of the university.

Source Dawn

By Arsalan Ahmad

Arsalan Ahmad is a Research Engineer working on 2-D Materials, graduated from the Institute of Advanced Materials, Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan.LinkedIn: