SpaceX boss Elon Musk tweeted on August 15, 2021 that the starship HLS Lander designed for NASA would be ready to land astronauts on the moon before 2024. However, the US lunar program is lagging behind and the schedule of Artemis’ missions may have to be postponed, delaying further lunar exploration by humans.

From Space X to land Astronauts In the moon before 2024? This is the achievement you want to achieve Elon Musk. Lunar lander block (HLS,) in the millionaire logonic tweet from the head of SpaceX Human landing system), Is present ConstructionProbably ready before 2024. Musk answers the query for the account. Everything is Artemis (@ artemis360_moon), prompts that HLS be activated for the Artemis III mission Land Astronauts.

Starship HLS, a new type of lander

Despite the relentless negotiations Blue look and dynamics Space X Elon Muskin is the US space agency’s first choice to win a lunar lander contract from SpaceX to Land Astronauts. The Government Liability Office (GAO), responsible for the regulation of public accounts in the US government, announced on July 30 that it would reject the joint ventures of Blue Origin and Dynamics. In parallel, the NASA HLS paid $ 300 million to SpaceX as part of a construction contract to Land Astronauts.

Starship HLS is a new and ambitious project. The structure of the ship is based on the structure of the Starship, but the lander is slightly different from other missiles returning to Earth: there is no thermal shield or folds to handle the device. After launch, the HLS will be stationed on the moon and will be used to carry astronauts from the Orion spacecraft to the lunar surface during various Artemis missions.

Delays are accumulating

If NASA does not change the estimated date of launch of the Artemis III scheduled for 2024, the space agency will face many delays. Change the work schedule And undermine Space X Ellen Muskin’s confidence. August 13, Jeff Bezos, In another attempt to overturn the NASA-SpaceX deal, announced the launch of legal proceedings in US federal court, arguing in favor of the US space agency Elon Musk for paying homage to the company. Since Starship has been shut down at HLS due to this move, no one can predict when it will restart.

Despite the setbacks on Space X, Artemis I worked Still planned for 2021 Will also allow new ships to be launched Space launch system And Orion to Land Astronauts.

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