Google Maps continues to get its features pumped up as though it was on steroids.Many of the mapping and navigation app’s are coming.

Ironically, many of the mapping and navigation app’s new capabilities are coming from stablemate Waze which also is owned by Google. According to Android Police, a message sent to those belonging to the Google Maps preview program reveals that the latest feature coming to Maps is one that Waze added to its bag of tricks three years ago.

This new feature technology will show Maps users the prices for tolls on bridges, roads, and any other extra expense related to your journey. Google Maps preview program members received a survey from Google to figure out the best way to include this on the app. One possibility which it included in its disseminated message, said that individual toll prices and possibly a grand total would be displayed on the route for all options allowing the driver to choose between the fastest route or the less expensive tolls.

Currently, Google Maps does alert users when they have an option to take a route with or without a toll to get to their destination. While the app will show how long each route will take, it does not display any toll prices. It is working on this feature which surely will be a boon to many travelers.

Survey a side, Maps does not show toll costs right now. Maps beta testers enrolled in the preview program can not see the feature yet either, and there are no demos for it. Given that toll price support already exists on Waze, and It has already informed Maps users about it, it is likely that we will see it pretty soon in a future update.

Source Phone Arena